The Mason Lodge and the Resiliency Lodge

Mason lodges and Resiliency lodges need to be set up in every municipality. These lodges are the center of our community lines. Men and women have separate lodges. Every member of a mason lodge needs to submit to an Alcoholics Anonymous old timer his RIG statement (his Resiliency and Growth Intention plan.) We need to hold our green mason code as sacred and untouchable. The Men’s lodges are the ones that are the responsible party for our community well-being. This means that the men gather frequently and they deal consciously and honestly with every outlying issue that comes up. We are not afraid to address things as master masons and resiliency roomers. Mason lodges and Resiliency Lodges are also just a place for fun and idea sharing. But they need to be used when something tampers with the lines, whether that is an individual person or a group of people that want to harm our work and our family and our way.

Mason lodges and Resiliency lodges are in older houses in every municipality. They have basic tenets that they all follow but it is up to the individual mason lodges what the actual guidelines are for that lodge. Resiliency lodges all follow the same Resiliency Tenets.

Lodges are comfortable places with a lot of pretty seating areas, an office and a shared kitchen with staples for breakfast and lunch. Parking must be considered. Or rides.

There are four kinds of mason lodges:

  • City Lodges- oversee city carpentry, community wellness, sanctuaries and businesses
  • Mountain Colleges- places to study Men’s Cultural Studies
  • Wren Colleges- places to study Wren
  • Wren Residential Colleges- a place where you can live and study Wren

The resiliency and mason tenets we follow in our lodges are:

  • Honesty is our policy.
  • We address things directly.
  • We work as a team.
  • We honor our elders and our children.
  • We like to listen.
  • The listening room is always open.
  • We provide a community service.
  • We are involved in the breath and bones of our community’s needs.
  • We respect goodness and a wish to do better.
  • We love abundantly and well.
  • We teach others how to live.