The Thrive Revolution

The Thrive Revolution is the way we all come together in one community to thrive. We are good people. And we want better for ourselves and our children. And we want better for the earth and the trees and the animals. If we don’t, we have shown that over and over. And there are serious consequences to that. In the Thrive Revolution we have a lot of power. Racism dies with us. We can use our twelve steps of resiliency, our resiliency rooms, our musica, our beauty way in our homes and our studios, and our lush, rich nourishing vegetarian nutrition to be stunningly well. I have programs called Wren Centers. These are both residential and day programs. There are all kinds of wellness groups offered in these centers. Trauma becomes optional once you are a part of a loving tribe of dedicated people. That is my tribe. The Life Roots tribe. It is time to heal the earth and all her citizens. She is ready. Her name is Gaia or Calliope or Grandmother Nell or Hawk or Mary Rose. She is the sacred mother. Her twin is named Mother Moon, Nada San, Mada San, Lakshmi, or Kali Ma. Both of these sacred mothers are the midwives to the world. And they are quite lovely and very, very wise. They are our wisdom keepers. We are expected to be wisdom keepers, too, all of us, men and women of the tribe. So we deal with our issues, never harm animals or the earth, practice kindness with people that are our loves, firmness with people that violate us and follow the beauty way. This is our work. And we can and will succeed beautifully at it among our fellow earthkeepers. We are the green mason activists for the living earth. And we are moving into the living economy. Find your heart and your roots and find a way in. Look around you. Who and what do you see? How are you spending your time? Who are you spending it with? These are your choices. And you make them daily, hourly and minute by minute. Maybe you haven’t found the way in and you are still hurting. If so, get a mechanical pencil, a notebook or a pretty journal and begin to write. Write to the sacred mother. And find a way to understand her. She is available. Look for her in your heart. No one will be left behind. Make your commitments count. And find your true family. We love you. You belong to us. Find that belonging through your writing. And let’s transform the world together now. We are all so, so ready. So is God. Join the Thrive Revolution. And be well.