Wren Integrity Commitment (WIC)

A Wren Hubster is a green mason activist for life. We take our responsibility seriously. These are our commitments to ourselves and each other:

  • We are vegetarian.
  • We are Green Mason Activists.
  • We are Wren Students for life.
  • We work and study full-time.
  • We are the musica and the artista.
  • We dance and sit outside.
  • We feed the birds.
  • We follow the Beauty Way.
  • We bake bread and we eat it with honey and jam.
  • We drink our cool and hot libations.
  • We make our ale.
  • We are the good companions of the earth.
  • We are the earth stewards.
  • The greenistas.
  • We are consistent with our integrity and our green wellness code in all of our relationships and life pursuits.
  • We are of the purest green values.
  • We subscribe to the ethics of the earth.
  • Trees and rocks and rivers are are home root.