Hello. I am glad you found me. I hope you find some beauty here. I am certain that this world holds just the kind of beauty that you are longing for in your heart.  It is so close to you, and so eager to express itself through you. I call the part of us who seeks beauty our most clear and beautiful self. You have a most clear and beautiful self. And she is aching for you to notice her. She has something important to say. She has something to do that is hers and hers alone. It is my intention to help you find her. Even if she feels far away right now. Even if you don’t know how to begin to know her. You have everything you need inside of you to be who you are meant to be. I hope that you can find some softness here. I hope this is a safe place. A place where you can stop and rest. A place where you can let yourself remember. Sometimes when we struggle with hard things in our lives we forget. We are consumed by what is hard, by what is wrong, by what we think is ugly about us. We start living in a world that has no garden to sit in where we can simply stop and admire the flowers. We live in the locked ward of our own pain. I know what it feels like to be locked away. I will never, ever forget. But there comes a point where you have to free yourself from the inside. Where you have to seek out the garden with the flowers. Where you have to let beauty caress you and make you whole. The garden isn’t as far away as you might think. It is right inside you. Take a moment, right now to acknowledge that. Put your hand over your heart and take a deep breath and let the truth of who you are in your center have a voice for a minute. The quiet place that lives inside of your heart holds all the wisdom you will ever need. My own journey to freedom began when I acknowledged this quiet place inside my own heart.  It is my deepest wish to offer you a glimpse into my garden, so that you, too, can be free. I will tell you about the tall oak tree that I sit under to rest.  I will tell you about the beauty that comes to find me. I will let the words dance around me like butterflies and then I will share them with you. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you find a small patch of loveliness here.