Dakon University

Dakon University is our One World Oneness Tribe’s Center of Thrive. It is the Thrive Revolution, the Living Economy Solution and the Spry Evolution. We have decided to be good earth stewards and justice keepers as a community. This means we need to be aware of each other and the way to hold everyone well. Wellness is our community standard. We love to thrive. As we thrive, so do our children and our elders. We cannot abandon anyone to brutality any longer. We need to educate ourselves. We have the way. Find a way to join the Dakon University team today. Dakon University is held in Wren Colleges, Wren Residential Colleges, the Lawn, our Mason Lodges, our a.m. Nells, our Sanctuaries, our businesses and in web (on the phone) at your home office. Look at these life-giving, creative programs and discover your way to thrive in the tribe. Education is our birthright and our joy and our spry for eternity. You have a ton of options. There is no holding you back if you choose to learn and grow in community with us. We are serious. And you are ours.

How we know what we want to study is based on our interests. These are our Jewel Studies. People go through different phases and cycles of their lives. But they always seem to maintain their interest in certain things. We need to be inspired to work and study. The educational system has been such that there was little to be inspired about. Wren changes that. We are basing every course on what people need to learn and grow. And we are basing it on what we already know and how we can still discover. This is not a bad book or a bad tv show. This is on the ground, rooted brilliance coming from many sources. We have a common Source. That is God and Nature. We are finding that all of our studies lead us back to nature again and again. Trees and mountains are scholars, too. So are birds and lightening bugs. They study the earth. The earth studies back. I know you can find your way into your most clear and beautiful life if your heart truly calls you to it. I have always known that about you. I am a sacred listener. I listen to what is given to me to do and I respond the best way I know how. You can do the same. So, listen in Wren. Be a little bird in the bush. Fly, fly, fly. You spry-winged thing.

We at Dakon University are centered around Jewel Teams. Jewel Teams are our groupings in the One World Wellness Tribe where we like to spend our time. Our Jewel Teams are diverse and abundant and we move together in harmony. The way we organize our Jewel Teams is by personal choice. Everyone decides on their place in society. We listen well to what people say they need and want to do. In this way we are a responsive community. If we find something is missing, we add it immediately. Everyone has their heart center to cherish and develop and we are the inspiration nation and as such we follow our passions and our delights. We have so many common passions and delights that we are making our way into more and more brilliance all the time. You could light up the moon with our intentional presence and common grace these days.

The way we organize our colleges is by choosing tracts of study in different centers. Different cities and towns can be Wren Hubs for different types of programming based on subjects. Or a city or a town could be a Jewel Center. A Jewel Center would be a place that decides to offer the richest kind of Wren and Dakon and the Lawn possible. It would offer programming of all the major subjects in all formats. People would be attracted to each Wren Hub and each Jewel Center based upon their studies. As long as we only choose beautiful places to live and work it doesn’t matter to us that we move into thriving green mason cities that we never thought of before. We form our kinship ties there. But it seems like we will be attracted to the right places. And it doesn’t seem like we can go wrong with this.

The place where we organize our city centers is with our Alcoholics Anonymous old timers, our Executive Directors and our founders. We have different kinds of Executive Directors assigned to various parts of the Wren system. We have Sanctuary Executive Directors in charge of our former churches. We have Neighborhood Executive Directors in charge of understanding and overseeing all Wren programming including at the Sanctuaries in each neighborhood. We have Public Sector Executive Directors in charge of our Wren Centers that were formerly traditional mental health settings. We have Community Executive Directors that are in charge of other types of repurposed buildings and centers. And we have our founders that like to get things started and might join our GCAC’s.

These Executive Directors and founders work within their city or town with the masons to develop and create the Wren system. This has already started but we haven’t seen the way to organize according to studies. The way we do this is through Wren Hubs and Jewel Centers. Go into an old church that has been bought as a Sanctuary or another location that is suitable for a big meeting. Have the following people speak: established Wren Colleges, established Wren Residential Colleges, established Lawns, established Wren Treatment Centers, established Mason Lodges, established Resiliency Lodges and established Sanctuaries. Then let the Executive Directors or founders that are not established speak with what needs to happen still for their centers and lodges. Then discuss any other business that the community needs to handle. Don’t give out neighborhoods or locations of centers or lodges publicly in these meetings. Plan the next meeting and organize into teams and share contact information. Be careful with your contact teams. You can have an interview with the Staff Interview Questionnaire under the Spry Business Solution for everyone on the contact list, complete with IWP, OWL and RIG to determine who can remain on the list. We are still under serious attack. Have someone from the final pool handle a community wide list of various city centers and which cities are Jewel Centers and which are Wren Hubs that is passed on to the Dalai lama. He is the Executive Director of Wren. If you already know you are a city-wide or neighborhood Executive Director and you see that you like to organize, take notes of what is going on so you are prepared when the team is together and you have established a safe place of communication so that you can be the pass it along to the Dalai lama. He will be able to discern who is on target and who is not and in this way we grow safer as a Wren community.

Once we establish our Wren Hubs and our Jewel Centers each city would establish its sister city or sister cities. We can take this to our next meeting. A sister city would have common businesses for our neighborhood local economies. In this way we dissolve national chains that do not support our code and our green values and establish thriving businesses that are based on local flavor. Regions would have to start finding flavor as well. In this way we have something old like a neighborhood enclave system but we are multicultural and diverse and green and abundantly wealthy and we value beauty as our highest standard always. We are finding our way to the people that share our interests and our sacred longings. This is finding our way to our most clear and beautiful lives. If we are doing our wellness work we are only attracted to the people and places that we love and cherish. Families can be formed here. Sometimes we are trying things out with people and they just don’t last because they are somehow being dishonest with us and themselves and everyone. This is a process. We just have to support each other through it. Everything really is about choice. And we will never stop the flow. Nor would we want to.

Businesses will follow Wren if they are green. Our purchasing power will change everyone over to the living economy. Our system will grow and change as we move into our green mason cities. We want to have jewels in each city and town. This means we have an experience of fly that we remember with delight. This is our restaurants, our colleges, our shops, our gardens, our downtown areas and our parks. Each jewel has a sacred meaning. Meaning is a place’s birthright. A person has a birthright but so does a house, a building, a neighborhood, a city or a town. We are born to serve a sacred purpose. When we do it well, we surpass beauty and go into deep belonging.

As we use our purchasing power and our lodges to develop our cities the whole structure of the economy and the neighborhoods will fall under us. Businesses that rely on non-green products will fail. And the people that love those businesses will migrate to the places where they can still have them. This will free up our communities for green. And it will make the Green Living Initiative for us in our green mason communities that we choose for their beauty and their grace and the 125 Plan for the places we don’t choose super easy to hold.

The 125 Plan will take care of itself as we take care of our green mason cities. Our laws support this and so do our officers. Systems that we no longer need are already in peril. They will collapse. We are holding this as a tribe of green citizens. Green is the only solution to what has happened to the earth. We not only have a solution we have a miracle. This miracle is too creative and just to stop. We are the dream makers. They have been our dream takers. Our values will be the sights that we see. And then we will sit under a tree and see nothing in our vision that can possibly hurt us anymore for as far as we can see.

The less we are hurt, the more we thrive together. We can pass it along. The community song. This means that businesses that support us will start going tidal. This means we will know about them as a community of people that value the earth. Business owners will begin to develop relationships with the tribe that are personal and family-like. In this way, we will have our old neighborhoods back. Some places are designed with a market at every corner. Little downtowns are available to us in our neighborhoods. As people move into their chosen neighborhoods these little enclaves will turn over to green. Old fashioned values will return to our cities. As we turn back over to old fashioned values society becomes ours again. And the way into this is money. Because that is our currency. And it truly does make the world go round. So, use your money wisely, wren. It holds most of your living economy power.

Your education also holds your living economy power. Our intention as a tribe is to learn and grow in community now. And we are moving along with this beautifully. So, let’s use our resources on Owlet to find the people that we need to develop our own stunning Wren Community, our jewel that is as purple as the moon. We are a creative people when we are inspired to shine. And beauty is our constant friend and guide. So, just allow yourself to be really, really gorgeous here. And plan our green world of learning and discovery.

As we plan our green world we are developing our green jobs. The places where we look for these are through CAGA, GCAC and Wren. Executive Directors and Stewards hold our lines. Our lines are green mason. We as a community of hubsters are determining outcomes for our tribe. Our common intention is to thrive and be well. And we are determined to support the earth. A green mason is someone who never violates. He is a person that holds a value of goodness and justice and beauty as his central guide. Greed and injustice and darkness and religion have crafted our entire world. This has been economic. We say, we are the living economy. The artista economy. We are a tribe of beautiful artists. As we make our art we do our part. Greed and darkness have no place in our light.

As greenistas, the center stewards of our living economy, we all have the same funding. This is the federal reserve. This is paper money. It is an international record. A lot of us will be making lots of money as business owners and authors and musicians. But it doesn’t matter because we are truly all made equal in our new economic system. Unlimited is unlimited. Forever. So there can no longer be injustice based on privilege or caste. And everyone will start to be an artist of some kind that is unique to them. We will raise our children to be well. And we will be cared for in our neighborhoods. And cohousing will be our way. Because we can rely on someone to do the things- like help us with our yards or bring in our groceries that we can’t do right then. We share work and play. This is the beauty way.

Our communities are our sanctuaries. And each person is valued. No one will ever be thrown away again. And neither will a house, or a piece of land, or a deer, or a tree or a mountain. Ugliness has no place with us. So we will take down what doesn’t work. But we will never sacrifice our standards of beauty for financial reasons. This is a miracle again for our children. This is why we want them to be homeschooled. Because they can play and work and learn and grow right among us where they belong. Children should be seen and heard and loved and encouraged. And every green mason activist knows this.

Inside our community sanctuary of Dakon University we like our earth studies and our Nell studies. A way we represent our greenista hearts is to plant kitchen gardens of delightful herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables like radishes and potatoes and dwarf sunflowers and dahlias and echinacea and strawberries and calendula and carrots and cherry tomatoes and arugula-rocket and all kinds of little herby jewels that delight us when we pick them and gather them in our African baskets and eat them in our pottery bowls. We like to use children’s gardening books to design our garden beds. Every Wren Residential College and every Lawn and every Sanctuary and lodge could have bed of green if the hubsters and masons there wanted to put their hands to use for cultivating life.

We like the Cottagecore movement as the One World Wellness Tribe to make our lives green. Cottagecore has pretty books and women’s socks and curtains and tells us how to bring nature into or homes and lives. This is an old fashioned value that we enjoy. As a part of our Cottagecore adventures every college can have a home business. We can make krafts, sell art, sell baked goods, offer coaching services, offer rides through Paperide, have a Community Steward business, be Beauty Stewards, clean and cook, make publications and copies, make valentines and signs and do all sort of things.

We like to have a little store and kitchen herb apothecary at our colleges that is managed by someone in the tribe for purchasing our supplies like journals and candies and chocolates and pencils and notebooks and little gifts and other treats.

Another way to make our lives green at our Wren Centers is to pay close attention to our outdoor spaces. We like rocking chairs where we can watch the birds. We like a little wicker sometimes. We like a little patio and a front porch and we don’t mind a deck to have our grill on to make our veggie burgers and our hot dogs and our grilled corn and our barbequed kebobs.

Our libraries keep getting richer. We have flower gardening books, books on children’s gardening, art books, bird books, house books, fairy tales, folk tales and coyote tales, books on botanical gardens, tree books, vegetarian cookbooks from Thailand and India and other places, bread baking books, modeling clay books, beading books, dried flower books, soap making books, herbal books, children’s books and science experiment books. We are also buying games like Scrabble and Boggle and Candyland and Payday and Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit and checkers and chess to have a little gaming time. We can play card games like blitz, spades, Uno, go fish, poker and pinochle. Don’t get too crazy with betting, it’s a little addictive. But go ahead, be a wordista or a mathista or a chessista or an artista and stun people with your skills. You’ll develop a reputation of mastery, I just know it about you.

Outside is just as important to Wren as inside. We live in beautiful houses in beautiful neighborhoods and we know that we like to exercise our breath by sitting in the elements. So, we need to understand that we might add Nell studies and hands on permaculture and porch studies with the birds as part of our Wren curriculum. In this way, we develop our outside beauty for our rooted bodies as delightfully and as deliberately as we develop our inner light.

The sun and the moon are responsive to our ministrations. So, we like to deliver our messages about what we care about well. And I think you care about picking a radish and planting a seed and gathering scallions from the grass for green rice with black beans and fried plantains and gathering violets and a few dandelion greens for an arugula salad with oranges, walnuts, goat cheese and orange vinaigrette. If you expand your imaginings, what will happen to your hands? This is the greatest mystery of Dakon University, isn’t it?