Guidelines for the Rooms and How to be a Wren and the Twelve Steps of Resiliency and Clutter Box Facilitator and Coach

Wren and the Twelve Steps and Clutter Box are written and already designed programs. But not everyone is an equal at facilitation of trauma release or being a coach. So, to be a Wren and Twelve Steps and Clutter Box Facilitator and Coach you need to have a calling and a special way. To become a member of the inner Resiliency Room Team and be a certified coach and facilitator with a PhD you need to write by yourself or with an old-timer your Resiliency Intention and Growth Plan. Your RIG Plan. You can submit your RIG at the closing of a Resiliency Room to the Room Facilitator.

Guidelines for the Room:

  • Each room has two facilitators that are chosen beforehand.
  • Each room has a coffee/tea steward that signs up at the previous room.
  • Each room will make announcements of upcoming Rooms and programs at the end and questions are encouraged.
  • Each room has the potential to go into a studio or a workshop for those that want to do more that day. In this way we can study for our PhDs through the rooms at Resiliency College. You will need to be in the rooms for three years to receive your PhD. It is independent study with a Dakon University college advisor and you will self determine with assistance what your degree is in.