Universal Education for All Ages at Dakon University

People are different types of learners and are a different stages of life and wellness and experience with education. We have a way to educate every green mason citizen well no matter what their age or experience. There are all kinds of options but education is mandatory and universal for our tribe.

When you study at Dakon University, which is available in all of the following formats, you are expected to make a record of what you do each day. This is independent study. Make a study journal and write down the classes and programs that you attended. In this way you can determine with your college advisor which degrees you have earned.

The different ways to be educated are as follows:

  • Wren College at Wren House for university studies in former mental health agencies and lots of other locations.
  • Wren Residential College- a place to live and study Wren
  • Dakon College- the study of different PhD subjects in person and in web (over the phone)
  • The Lawn- a place to live and study at Dakon College and Wren College
  • Resiliency College in the Resiliency Rooms where we study in groups in person
  • The Sanctuary Series where we have Keynote Lectures, Musical Productions, Wren Workshops and Community Plays for the Sanctuary Series in former churches
  • Thomas Jefferson University College- which is traditional college campus based in person
  • Guilds, Clubs and The Company Store for people that want to work
  • International Wellness Campaign Conferences
  • Wren Clubs at Dakon University
  • Carrot Tots- which is homeschooling for babies
  • Morning Friends- which is homeschooling for preschoolers
  • Green Rose Acadiums- which is homeschooling for all ages