Resiliency Room Statement

You can start a Resiliency Room movement. Simply gather others and read the following statements and blessings and see what happens. Do it online or in person. Have fun with it. This is sacred and beautiful. You are the beauty way. You are stunningly resilient. Fabulous, we say. Just fabulous.

This is Our Room

We are here to support each other in any work that we wish to figure out to thrive. This room is a resiliency room. It’s not about trauma or what is identified as wrong.

These are our values:

  • We are kind and just. This means we are vegetarian because we need to honor all of our friends and relations all over the earth.
  • We are a global community.
  • We are dedicated to the beauty way.
  • We are one community of green citizens in the living economy so we are all richly funded and supported for our most clear and beautiful lives by the tribe when we follow this code.
  • We are designed by our choices.
  • We sometimes need a loving hand and we are always willing to give it and receive it.
  • We commit daily to learning new things.
  • We listen deeply and well.
  • We always own our choices.
  • We try new things frequently.
  • We bring resources to share.
  • We follow our sacred calling and we honor our sacred purpose.
  • We hone our sacred medicine well. And we always use it.
  • We walk slow and drink plenty of tea.
  • We collect wren’s nests and rocks and feathers.

Write the following blessings on an index card by the tea and read them at the beginning of each meeting to start the room. Use them to bless participants as they have a cup of coffee or tea in community and settle in for their Wren time.

Tea Thyme Blessing

The cup of tea you are holding in your hands is dedicated to you. It is of the earth. Just like you. Drink it with pleasure for it is a gift that is meant to sustain you until we next meet. Tea is love. Resiliency is yours. Listen well today, friend. And say what you say in grace.

Community Blessing

A Resiliency Room is a place to create a new culture for the green world. Tradition is our birthright. We must honor our ancestors and our children and our tribe. We dedicate these rooms to our green mason communities. We are wise men and wise women. We like to thrive. We like to be educated about life and love. We like to partake in joy. We are dedicated to creating a world where life is abundant and filled with the blessings of nature and culture. This is an activist movement. We are green mason activists. We protect these rooms. We discuss what we need to in our mason lodges when disruption occurs. We are officers of wellness. And we take this very seriously. If you need something, tell someone. And we will take care of you. There is nothing to fear. There is only love, dedication, work and beauty. We are brilliant and we have excellent instincts. Let us begin our room.

Business Musica

Every meeting is an opportunity to create something glorious both individually and together. So, we want musica to be a part of every meeting. A man with his guitar will come along to our rooms and give us his heart and his hands. There is no prescription for this. This is pure poetry and art. A musican is a soul that loves the world. He likes to sing a song of summer. Summer is like spring. It rings with faerie flowers. I once knew a little dandelion. And she was fine, fine, fine. She held the rhyme. It is the business musica’s job to hold the line.

Wren Integrity Commitment (WIC)

A Resiliency Roomer is like a Wren Hubster, he is a green mason activist for life. We take our responsibility seriously. These are our commitments to ourselves and each other:

  • We are vegetarian.
  • We are Green Mason Activists.
  • We are Wren Students for life.
  • We work and study full-time.
  • We are the musica and the artista.
  • We dance and sit outside.
  • We feed the birds.
  • We follow the Beauty Way.
  • We bake bread and we eat it with honey and jam.
  • We drink our cool and hot libations.
  • We make our ale.
  • We are the good companions of the earth.
  • We are the earth stewards.
  • The greenistas.
  • We are consistent with our integrity and our green wellness code in all of our relationships and life pursuits.
  • We are of the purest green values.
  • We subscribe to the ethics of the earth.
  • Trees and rocks and rivers are are home root.

Green Mason Motto

Every green mason is a good activist. Integrity and kindness are our mottos. A rose blooms in May. It’s time to hold the way. The way has to be different than anything we’ve ever done as a world-wide community before. We sing the world. If we let it the world sings us back. We dedicate our lives to beauty and kindness. We love to be of service to art and wellness. This is an international green mason movement. We know as Resiliency Roomers and Wren Hubsters that without care and devotion and deep dedication we cannot succeed. We want to heal the green world so that everyone that loves life has an opportunity to thrive. We love life. We choose to walk the beauty way. We know we are necessary. And we love to work and share our brilliant minds and hearts. Let’s join together to create something stunning. We know what to do. Let us give thanks for our grace and belonging. For an activist is a belonging leader. An Owlet. Belonging means family. We are a family of Sioux. Let’s be pretty and let’s pass it along. We are the community song.

Our Five Meridians of Resiliency

  • Restoration
  • Renovation
  • Replenishment
  • Resiliency
  • Nourishment

Can’t you hear those houses singing? I can hear those houses sing.Edit