Resiliency Room

We are here to support each other in any work that we wish to figure out to thrive. This room is a resiliency room. It’s not about trauma or what is identified as wrong.

These are our values:

  • We are kind and just. This means we are vegetarian because we need to honor all of our friends and relations all over the earth.
  • We are a global community.
  • We are dedicated to the beauty way.
  • We are designed by our choices
  • We sometimes need a loving hand and we are always willing to give it and receive it.
  • We commit daily to learning new things.
  • We listen deeply and well.
  • We always own our choices.
  • We try new things frequently.
  • We bring resources to share.
  • We walk slow and drink plenty of tea.
  • We collect wren’s nests and rocks and feathers.