Dakon Unversity Colleges

Dakon University is an uncommon place to learn and grow in community. Our degrees are both traditional and non-traditional degrees. They include Education and Culture, Nell Studies, Beauty Studies, Resiliency, Nourishment, Business, Math, Earth Science, Quantum Physics, Farming, Permaculture, Landscape Architecture, Architecture/Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Masonry, Law, Computer Engineering, Web Security, Art Therapy, Art, Design, Film, Kraft, Hand Masonry, Movement Therapy, Movement, Dance, Writing Therapy, Writing, Music Therapy, Music, Business Musica, Coaching, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Culture Story, History, Cultural Economics, Politics, Men’s Cultural Studies, Women’s Cultural Studies, Herbalist Medical Doctor, Men’s and Women’s Midwifery, Animal Midwifery, Gardening, Herbalism, Tree Studies and Botany. Studies are independent studies with the student working in an empowered way with his academic advisor to determine his degree program. PhD’s are also given based on life experience. This can be determined between you and your academic advisor with your Owl statement and your About Me statement. You are qualified to be a college professor of Wren based on experience. You will need to submit your curriculum vitae to a Dakon University academic advisor. Then you will be interviewed and allowed to teach.

Besides our opportunity to study Wren in-person at Wren Centers there are other courses of PhD study. Each session and class should start by reading the entire Resiliency Room statement. Each session ends with a review of Wren to determine what we have studied and to give ourselves our credits in our study journals for our various degree programs.

Dakon University Colleges are places to learn and grow in community. Hubsters can gather together in web (on the phone), on line or in person at learning centers. Learning centers can be in any location that people choose in a green mason community where people wish to join together to study. They are called our Dakon Nests. Meeting rooms in houses, sanctuaries, businesses, hotels, community colleges, college campuses and other kinds of community centers as long as they are beautiful work well.

Many people want to study more than one thing. We are flexible about your program. Everything is based on independent study. If you want to study at two colleges you can study one two days a week and one three days week and this is still considered full time enrollment.

We have Thomas Jefferson’s concept of The Lawn and the academic village for each college. Which means you can live in a house called Lawn House with other students of the same college.

Three year PhD study program in all listed degrees at Web College:

You are required to sign up for a full week of studies to earn a PhD in three years for this program. You will be working with me and the One World Wellness Team of experts on many subjects if you choose to study at Dakon University. It is in web (over the phone) and internet based. There is also an opportunity to do independent study PhD programs with consultation to insure that is is approved.

Morning Meeting : 6am United States Eastern Time. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You are allowed to ask questions, offer suggestions to deepen your studies and get yourself arranged and set up with anything that is still not working for you. It includes Nell studies, where we discuss daily the moon’s cycle, the seasonal changes of the flowers and the changes in the trees. We also spend some time planning our calendars for On Thyme and Timed and Thymed.

Weekday Studies: 7am-11am

Monday in web (on the phone):

  • Musica Studies- acoustic roots music for the heart

Tuesday in web (on the phone):

  • Culture Stories
  • Fireside Stories
  • Summer Rain- listening to the earth
  • Roots and Visions- magic in the making
  • Five Roots/Body Roots/Life Roots Dance Practice
  • Life Roots- lessons in life and wellness work for living spry in the new consciousness
  • Wren

Wednesday Gardenista program (independent study):

  • Nell Studies with Longwood Gardens

Alternate Wednesday Musica program (on the phone):

  • Singer and songwriting thyme

Thursday in web (on the phone):

  • Independent study

Some Fridays in web (on the phone) or on line where you can see us on the screen:

  • Rootsong Music Therapy
  • Barleycorn Musica
  • Rootsong and Barleycorn Together
  • Currency
  • Rootsong Art Therapy
  • Rootsong Artista Studio
  • The Writer’s Studio
  • Heartsong Writing Therapy
  • Independent studies with the Pan Musica Guild Coaches

Gardening Studies- One Year Program for a PhD in Farming, Landscape Architecture, Permaculture, Tree Steward Studies at Hearthsong College:

Thursdays 1pm-5pm your time

  • Go to a local conference center and meet with other gardenista farmers to study all things related to landscaping and gardening.
  • Membership in a Kindred Species club or class is required.
  • 8 hour a week practicum required.

Carpentry/Green Masonry Studies- One Year Program for a PhD in Mason Works at Boltsong College:

Fridays 1pm-5pm your time

  • Go to same local conference center and meet with other masons of all experience and interests to study mason works and artistry and expert krafting. These include carpentry, plumbing, electrical engineering, cement masonry, plastic masonry, brick laying, asphalt engineering (clay works)
  • 8 hour a week practicum required.

Time Studies- One Year Program for a PhD in Quantum Physics at Thyme College:

  • A cutting edge program in the study of time and belonging to the world wide web.
  • Blue Nest the group is required.
  • Thyme must be taken not passively adapted to. Time must be the way into thyme. Thyme is sacred. Time is the old system. A quantum physicist studies the root system of the world.
  • Must do Five Roots/Body Roots/ Life Roots Dance practice twice weekly to get into body root. Must do entire Meditations for Rooted Living program. Must have body root journal and keep study calendar with a study journal, as well.
  • 8 hour practicum required using language, your hands or math.
  • Men only or Women only in this program.

Musican Studies- Three Year Program for a PhD in Music, Music Therapy and Business Musica at Rootsong College:

  • Mondays- Roots acoustic music through show and tell, every core musican brings songs to share
  • Wednesdays- Singer and songwriting thyme, writing new songs and Musicata Music Theory
  • Thursdays- Working with playlists of old songs to produce a new acoustic roots sound that we record and share
  • Fridays- Rootsong Music Therapy, Barleycorn Musica and Musicanter Music Therapy
  • Sundays- Musica in a house concert format in the neighborhood nell
  • Independent studies with coaches from the Pan Musica Guild

Artista Studies- Three Year Program for a PhD in Art and Art Therapy at Calico College:

  • Work with seamstresses, knitters, artists, painters, potters, stained glass specialists, sculptors, embroidery specialists, felters, krafters and other types of artists to earn a degree in your chosen craft.

Glass Mason Studies- Three Year Program for a PhD in Glass Science at Sea Glass College:

  • Learn the entire kraft of glass making, stained glass artistry, glass blowing, glass installation and mirror making with experts from the field. Men and women are both able to study and teach in this program.

Blacksmith Studies- Three Year Program for a PhD in Metal Working at Forge College:

  • Learn the entire kraft of metal working and designing.
  • 8 hour a week practicum required.

Car Mechanics and Machine Studies- Three Year Program for a Phd in Mechanical Engineering at Sing College:

  • A work/study program in a green mason machine shop.
  • Machine and solar design is a part of our studies.

Officer Academy for Valor Stewards- Three Year Program for a PhD in Law at Clear Life College (Clean Living among Wrens):

  • Learn how to serve, protect and understand all aspects of society that are good and bad companions to our thriving lives in a mentorship program with other officers and attorneys at law.
  • Membership in a Kindred Species club or class is required.

Culture Studies- Three Year Program for a PhD in Culture from Life Roots College:

  • Study Culture Story on Tuesdays with the Dakon University One World Wellness Tribe to understand the new world consciousness and how to thrive in a place of community.
  • 16 hour a week coaching or work practicum required.

Men’s Cultural Studies- Three Year Program for a PhD in Men’s Culture from Mountain College:

  • This a men’s only program of study.
  • It is a men’s mason lodge and is held in person at a local mason lodge with advanced level masons.
  • All Wren College groups called men’s mason lodges only required.
  • 6 hour a week practicum through a mason lodge.
  • 2 hour a week study of car mechanics or machinery required in a green mason shop.
  • Must complete a RIG statement (your Resiliency Intention and Growth Plan) with an Alcoholics Anonymous old timer to enroll.

Women’s Cultural Studies- Three Year Program for a PhD in Women’s Culture from Jade College:

  • This is a women’s only program of study.
  • Studies are held in women’s mason lodges.
  • Culture Story on Tuesdays at Web College is required.
  • Other required subjects are Family Tradition, Hearthkeeping, Art Journaling, Journal Thyme, The Writer’s Desk, Writing, Coaching, Business, Krafting, Mennonite Canning, Eat your Colors, Wren and the Twelve Steps of Resiliency, Clutter Box and Beauty Roots

Political Studies- Five Year Program for a Phd in Politics from World College:

  • This program is for men and women that have a sacred calling to be a world leader.
  • To continue to be a mayor, a senator, a delegate, a house representative, president, vice president or to be one in the future you need to enroll in this program.
  • Membership in a Kindred Species club or class is required.
  • You are required to study a Dakon College or Lawn for three years.
  • Then you are required to study at Wren College for two years.

Earth Studies- Three Year Program for a PhD in Earth Science from Pumice Stone College:

  • This program is an intensive study of the earth for the Pan Revolution.
  • It is a combination of Wren College studies and Wren Clubs.
  • Membership in a Kindred Species club or class is required.
  • You can design your own program of electives based on the subjects that interest you most.

Herbalist Medical Doctor/Pharmacist- Five Year Program for a PhD in Wellness from Apothecary College:

  • This program is a study of all things related to wellness and thrive through Wren College.
  • You must understand the kitchen herb apothecary approach to graduate.
  • You must write a book of meditations as a PhD thesis.
  • Membership in a kindred species club or class is required.
  • 8 hour a week practicum required for all five years of study.

Midwifery as an Art- Three Year Program for a Phd in Midwifery at Blessing Way College:

  • Both men and women can study midwifery, but the women serve the women in birth and the men serve the men.
  • This program can be taken by midwives that want to work with animals. Enrollment as an activist in a Kindred Species club or class and the Kindred Species guild is required to be an Animal Midwife.
  • You must write a book on the Blessing Way for Birth with inspirational cards that can be used for daily delight and grounding as a PhD thesis.
  • You must understand the kitchen herb apothecary approach for birth and babies to graduate.
  • You must have at least six clients as a Doula and Community Steward with a practicing midwife to earn your degree over the course of your studies.

Math, Business and Cultural Economics- Three Year Program for a PhD in Math, Business and Cultural Economics Studies at Thrive College:

  • The study of the living economy system
  • The study of trade as the basis of our world economic history
  • The theory and the music of math
  • The study of culture as the way we develop our products and businesses
  • The study of business and CAGA
  • Business Guild membership required
  • Men Meet support group required for all men in this program
  • Women must also study Art and Women’s studies

Five Roots/Body Roots/Life Roots Dance Practice- One Year Program for a PhD in Dance and Movement Therapy at Five Roots College:

  • Must study all Dance/Movement Therapy courses
  • Must have a regular Body Roots Journaling practice
  • Must attend four three day workshops in person
  • Three year Chair Yoga and Five Roots Dance Teacher practicum required after a year of study
  • Must attend Eat Your Colors Nutrition Series and complete it
  • Must go to one Pan Musica program as independent study
  • Must design one sacred altar for Five Roots dance practice session
  • Must make at least thirty playlists and share them and get feedback