Women and Men Wrens

You will have the option of attending a Wren Center for Women where women can join together with other women in a culturally safe way and a Wren Center for Men where men can do the same. We also have men and women’s mason lodges and resiliency lodges separately. People of some cultures grow best when they are with others that they can share most freely with. This is fine. You can live at a Wren Center for six months or more. We can have a letter writing campaign among Men’s and Women’s Centers in the same community or anywhere you like that is not divided by religion or culture to communicate with each other about our learning process. In this way we are no longer isolating ourselves based on old traditions but we are still respecting the boundaries of our long-held cultures. We do not have to change everything about our cultures instantly or ever. We are allowed to follow tradition as long as we make it green and just. Boundaries are good things to have. I believe women and men are very different. That is the natural way of things. My parents taught me this well and I loved it. My dad would sit in his chair after working all day and rattle his drink glass for another old-fashioned while he watched PBS and Ruth did her puzzles. Ruth or I would go get him one. Muddled. He took care of his jobs. She took care of hers. He called her Mama. She called him Dear. This was the second marriage for both of them. Their spouses had died and left them with three children each. Then they had me. They never fought. They said they had done it the first time and there was no reason to do that again. I know how to have a marriage that works. And I will listen to my husband, Charlie, and he will listen to me. And we will have our special things we do for each other and our kids. Men who fix things are my favorite people in the world. Charlie loves my homemaking. My son is like my father. He fixes things and he’s an excellent chef and gardener. He has my father’s hands. And I have my mother’s. Charlie has guitar hands. Electrician hands. Engineer hands. And I love them. Don’t be afraid to be a woman or a man in your own role in your relationships and in your ways. This is what we like best from you. And so do your children.