Wren and the Twelve Steps of Resiliency

Wren is a trauma release program that I wrote that goes with the Twelve Steps of Resiliency. These are facilitated programs. Your goal is to heal. Absolutely everything about you matters to your wellness. I am not saying that this is trauma alone. But the body is a natural healing organism and it always brings up everything that needs to be conscious to heal it. This is the way of wellness. Use your art journals to be well. And seek out the resiliency rooms. Everything you need to be well has been written for you. And more is coming. So find your place in the family of things. Where you truly do belong.


  • Introduction
  • Note One: Belonging
  • Note Two: Nourishment
  • Note Three: The Body
  • Note Four: The Spirit
  • Note Five: Your Calling

Twelve Steps of Resiliency

  • Step One: Belonging
  • Step Two: Nourishment
  • Step Three: Relationship
  • Step Four: The Body
  • Step Five: The Spirit
  • Step Six: Sacred Calling
  • Step Seven: Sacred Work
  • Step Eight: Flow
  • Step Nine: Rest
  • Step Ten: Joy
  • Step Eleven: Sacred Strength
  • Step Twelve: The Way