Wren College

Wren is the place where exploration meets imagination. It is our community thrive. We sit with each other to explore and grow into something brilliant and magnificent. We seem to come up with common themes that are earth and community and neighborhood based each time we participate in Wren. This is pure magic. And miracles are born when we listen and leap into the nell of life with hearts and eyes wide open. Open your eyes, little wren. Let us have a window into your dreams and the poem of your lifebeat.

The following courses and workshops are offered at Wren College. These courses are also offered at Wren Residential College and Dakon University College. Home schooling teachers use them to design studies for younger students. Courses and workshops will be offered in many community locations and in Tea Thyme Villages in varying schedules based on need. It is possible to study and work full time depending on your degree program. Groups last fifty minutes.

Wren College can be in a house, business, sanctuary, community center, municipal building, shopping center or another location and it is called a Wren House.

Wren and the Twelve Steps are offered in one and a half hour sessions with business musica included. Participants do art and journaling exercises and a facilitator reads the program and guides the discussion with the group.

Wren is getting so creative that we often make up new Wren groups as we go along. These are spontaneous learning gardens that sprout roots and leaves and blossoms and fruits as we settle in as gardenistas and greenistas and herbalists and farmers. Wren is conscious because we are. Let the wild rumpus begin, you little monster bird. And if you want to, record it in your journal of studies and take it to the Curriculum Response Team.

These courses are university programs. We will have in web (on the phone) and online studies. Our Director of Technology, Nathan supports us with this.

We are getting so advanced in our writing and our design and our studies together that every Wren participant receives a PhD in Writing, Coaching, Beauty Studies, Resiliency, Wellness, Wellness Education, Nourishment, Culture Story, Gardening, Design, Education and Culture and Nell Studies on August 1, 2023. We are also going to graduate as the first wave of Bachelor’s Degree scholars from the Dalai Lama’s Dakon University on December 10, 2023.

Dakon University is an uncommon place to learn and grow in community. It is made up of many colleges. Our degrees are both traditional and non-traditional degrees. They include Education and Culture, Nell Studies, Beauty Studies, Beauty Education, Design, Resiliency, Nourishment, Healing Practitioner, Business, Math, Earth Science, Earth Science Education, Farming, Permaculture, Landscape Architecture, Architecture/Engineering, Quantum Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Web Security, Masonry, Mason Education, Carpenter Arts, Law, Community Law, Officerism, Officer Education, Activist, Activist Officerism, Art, Film, Art Therapy, Art Education, Drama, Drama Education, Drama Therapy, Kraft, Kraft Education, Hand Masonry, Movement Therapy, Movement, Movement Education, Dance, Writing Therapy, Writing, Writing Education, Music Therapy, Music, Business Musica, Music Education, Wellness Coaching, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition Education, Chefista, Chef Education, Ale Making, Culture Story, Culture Education, History, Cultural Economics, Politics, Men’s Cultural Studies, Women’s Cultural Studies, Herbalist Medical Doctor, Men’s and Women’s Midwifery, Doula, Animal Midwifery, Gardening, Herbalism, Tree Stewardism and Botany. Studies are independent studies with the student working in an empowered way with his academic advisor to determine his degree program. PhD’s are also given based on life experience. This can be determined between you and your academic advisor with your Owl statement and your About Me statement. You are qualified to be a college professor of Wren based on experience. You will need to submit your curriculum vitae to a Dakon University academic advisor. Then you will be interviewed and allowed to teach.

Registration for graduation for the first wave of degrees for completion in 2023 begins January 15, 2023 with the Dalai Lama’s Institute and studies begin after registration. People can continue to study into 2024 and be the first wave of Master’s Degree Scholars who will graduate on December 10, 2024. The opportunity to continue to study for a PhD will continue into the following year and the first wave of PhD scholars will graduate on December 10, 2025. From 2023 on you will have the opportunity to graduate each year but you must complete a full year of studies beginning in January.

In January of 2026 we will begin the Green Renaissance. This will be a deep dive into art, music, gardening, writing, cooking, beauty studies, masonry and all things artista, poetica, chefista, gardenista, masonry and beauetica. We will focus on developing programs and clubs and guilds and unions instead of Wren centers.

In Spring of 2028 we will begin a new curriculum at Life Roots Healing Institute. This will be less about peer run programs and more like a traditional education setting where the program is designed for you like Wren and the Twelve Steps and Clutter Box and our conferences are. Some career tracks are Justice Roots Practitioner, Officer Roots Practitioner, Wellness Roots Practitioner, Colors Practitioner, Heartsong Practitioner, Rootsong Practitioner, Mason Roots Practitioner, Acoustic Roots Practitioner and Nell Roots Practitioner.

Then we will probably go back into Wren. In this way we are truly a tribal community that has collective knowledge and educational aspirations. Our One World Wellness Tribe will always move as a team with our Morning Meeting.

When you start your Wren studies, if you would prefer to start at the high school level no matter your age if you are fourteen or older you will graduate with a high school diploma and your PhDs as described above from Dakon University after three years of studies. High Schools are called Wren Studios. They should be in houses in neighborhoods.

If you feel a sacred calling to write curriculum for any of these degree courses we welcome you to join the team of writers for that course. If you are on the curriculum team for any course and you wish to write a book by the course’s title you may if the curriculum team approves it. You may not use these course titles as websites or as business names. Joining a curriculum team can be arranged through the Dalai Lama’s Institute. Curriculum teams may make handouts that are distributed through email to center coordinators but there will not be websites for courses because these courses are dynamic and inspiration-based. We do not want a cult following.

Each group is sacred. The facilitator is responsible for holding the field. The field is the group’s wellness and well-being. We have to create a safe community together. This means we address disruptive people with directness, honesty and firm boundaries. Then we return to what we were doing and continue our work with joy. It is always necessary to have boundaries. We are not yet safe as a tribe. We can take this to the mason lodges as needed. We must learn to be unwavering in our support for each other’s wellness and in our deep integrity as sacred healers.

Center Coordinators are also available to hold the space for us and to protect us from people that like to harm. Center Coordinators are Executive Directors and work together as a team and run their individual centers. Coordinators may only run one center.

Participants in the Wren programs are just as valued and essential as the people that have the sacred call to lead them. We are now one global tribe. People from all castes, even the lowest ones and from all circumstances, and from all walks of life, and from all ancestry and lineages have joined us. This is incredibly life-giving to us. And we love you. Love, love love. Let’s just open our hearts and love again and again. That truly is the sacred medicine of our tribe.

If you find yourself wondering how to be a student and a follower but not a leader remember that you are a scholar and a seeker and a luminary and a sacred listener. And you like to learn. A lot of people will want to study for a long time. And a lot of people will want to have full-time professions doing lots of things for the living economy. Others will want to be full-time parents of the children they adopt and already have and be available for homeschooling. Find your most clear and beautiful expression for yourself in your heart by taking a moment to go in. Whatever you choose is perfect for you and all of us. What is your sacred word right at this moment? Let this guide you for your best life.


Each class or workshop should start by reading the entire Resiliency Room statement.


  • Wren and the Twelve Steps of Resiliency- facilitated trauma release program
  • Resiliency Rooms- discussion of life roots
  • Clutter Box Series- overcoming clutter to become a beauty steward
  • Morning Meeting- a way to organize, ask questions and come together as a tribe
  • The Citizen Way- on being a good citizen and green mason activist
  • Eat Your Colors Nutrition Program- vegetarian nutrition series with different sessions
  • I Like to Thrive- green living life skills taught by our community stewards both individually and in groups
  • Roots and Visions- making sense of voices and visions and mystical experiences
  • Meditation- guided words and listening for the sacred
  • Tea Thyme- sharing tea, cookies and good conversation in community
  • Kindred Species- embracing and freeing all our animal friends and our plants and trees as stewards of the earth
  • The Greenista- on being an earth steward that understands trees, rocks and the rhythm of nature
  • The Kitchen Garden- planting for joy in the family of life with all kinds of flowers, vegetables and herbs that light up our hearts and bodies
  • Culture Story-the old culture and how to create a new one. We call religion culture now.
  • Family Traditions- using the world culture and the wisdom of women to thrive in our families
  • Every Surface as an Altar- making the beauty way count in every belonging and in every space in our homes and buildings

Twelve Steps (self study programs):

  • The Twelve Steps of Resiliency
  • The Twelve Steps of Nutrition
  • The Twelve Steps of Beauty
  • The Twelve Steps of Dance
  • The Twelve Steps of Movement
  • The Twelve Steps of Education
  • The Twelve Steps of Art
  • The Twelve Steps of Mason
  • The Twelve Steps of Valor
  • The Twelve Steps of Music
  • The Twelve Steps of Listening
  • The Twelve Steps of Writing

Cultural Economics:

  • The Economic Heart- understanding the way trade of skills and products creates a thriving living economy
  • The Living Economy System of Thrive- the entire economy from floor to ceiling
  • The Color Theory of Economics- when we use our purchasing power we create the world we want to create for trade of goods that meet beauty standards
  • Account Register Journal- using accounting and math to maintain and align our business way
  • How the Garden Grows- the living economy system of the plant world
  • Old Businesses, Old Stories- the death of one economic system for the life of another
  • A Business Growth Plan- the way that a business would to use the economy and our purchasing power to function, survive and thrive
  • Building Ownership and Business Living- the mortgage system as the way a business lives and operates in the Living Economy
  • A Business Market Community- a business uses its purchasing power to create a beautiful altar full of flowers
  • Economic Thyming- a business using time to thyme the world


  • The Spanish Language as the Language that All Men Speak with Care- men’s only mason lodge
  • Historical Fiction as the Time of Society’s Creation- looking through a fictional lens at the history of our world
  • God as our Master- the way we have listened to God throughout time
  • Making Everything Count- how to be a world player by seeing where the most essential green intentionality lies
  • The Epic and the Era- studying historical movements and tidal happenings as the time we live and work in when things are both well and not well
  • The Continuum Project- understanding where we are going to as a world nation
  • The Civil War as Thomas Jefferson’s War- understanding Thomas Jefferson’s real vision
  • Ante-bellum Homes as Thomas Jefferson’s Beauty Way- looking into the history of architecture and design
  • The Historical American Home and Business- buildings as the Company Store
  • Class and Distinction- learning about royalty, class and caste throughout history
  • Understanding Class in the United States- the real caste system of America
  • The Advent of the Railroad – Cass Mountain and the Company Store as Timber became God- men’s only mason lodge
  • I’ve Been Working On the Railroad- studying the rail system in all aspects of the employee’s perspective
  • Black Diamond in my Pocket- the coal industry as the new form of agriculture
  • The Price of Copper and a Man’s Mind- studying the way the metal industry controls the world- men’s only mason lodge
  • America’s Wealth- understanding the way American society developed based upon the great overseers
  • The Economy Precedes the Law- understanding how money and the economic system rule the world- men’s only mason lodge
  • National Economic Politica Lodge- the economy as the political system- men’s only mason lodge
  • Law takes Time- the development of law throughout the ages- men’s only mason lodge
  • Forest Lover- the way a woman in history was an artist and writer secretly – women’s only mason lodge

Cultural Studies and Women’s and Men’s History Studies:

  • One World Wellness Tribe- discussion and support for being a thriving green world of tribal citizens
  • The Public Sector- looking at the way different groups in power operate the world
  • Community Design- working with the tribe to develop our sacred way- men’s only mason lodge or women’s only mason lodge
  • World Currency- using our men or our women to have a regular discussion on what is really going on in the world news and in world politics within present time (live in web- on the phone Fridays 1pm United States Eastern Time)- men’s only mason lodge or women’s only mason lodge
  • The Woman’s Story of Breath- a women’s discussion group about how our traditions and new cultural understandings are shaping the world within present time (live in web-on the phone Fridays 4pm United States Eastern Time)- women’s only mason lodge
  • On Thyme- using sacred time to develop your most clear and beautiful life. Calendar making, partitions that cultivate joy, men’s and women’s masonry, work time and study time.
  • Timed and Thymed- moving from the profane time of the old world to the sacred thyme of the Pan Revolution and the Green World
  • Traditions and Rememberings- understanding how to live a good life in a brand new culture
  • The Old and the New- gathering new and old traditions to share with the next generations
  • The Culture Club- studying world languages and using conversation to communicate and share ideas
  • Without Time- the way that the world becomes sacred flow for the people


  • The Company Store- entrepreneurism for the business minded citizen
  • Blue Nest- designing the new world wide web
  • Play Stone- designing games to save the world for eternity
  • The Worker Bee- a community centering for people that love to work as play and study
  • Beautiful Business Design- krafting places we love and cherish as our centers for shopping and gathering
  • Repurposing Strip Malls- redesigning with intention something that has been a deep environmental wound
  • To Market to Market- every business as the farmer’s mart
  • The Business Altar- bringing the sacred into our businesses with every surface as an altar


  • The Math Major- math for life
  • Accountants and the Math Mason- using math to heal the world
  • Accounts and Records- understanding the new accounting when everyone is fully funded
  • Math as a Condition of Society- understanding how math theory is the theory of the world
  • Math as Health- using math to plan, create and study- it’s all in the algorithm.


  • Games Make Me Smart- individual and group gaming and design for all ages
  • Games for the Paradigm- understanding how computer games create cultural and economic shift
  • The Gaming Club- the way that people gather together in games and how to do it consciously and with green intentions
  • The System of Games- games as a way to hold and change the world system
  • Game Commons- the way that games understand each other tribally
  • Games that Go Offline- a smart person decides to do his own thing


  • The Men Meet- men’s sacred support group
  • The Women’s Nest- women’s sacred support group
  • Carrot Tots- baby’s play group
  • Morning Friends- preschooler’s play group
  • The Kids’ Kaboodle- kid’s sacred support group
  • A Teenager’s Dream Space- teen sacred support group


  • Poetry with Heart- poetry reading, discussion and therapy group
  • The Poem Writer- a poetry writing support group where you share poetry and write your brilliant works of art
  • Keynote Writer’s Workshop- writing keynote lectures for The Sanctuary Series
  • Understanding How to Create your Business Kraft- the complete system for designing your programs
  • Writing for Wellbeing- a journaling exercise and a writing support group
  • The Writer’s Desk- honing your writing kraft in a sacred way
  • The Rhythm of Writing- using your writing practice to align with your flow
  • The Written Notion- creating a business with your writing practice
  • Journal Thyme- journaling and art journaling in scrapbooks and other types of paper journals
  • Reading from the Root- sharing the best books and having vibrant discussions for spry minds

Writing Therapy:

  • Live your Kraft- teaching people how to write their own lives
  • Words as Motion- showing the way words move us forward
  • The Luminary Writer- writing to design the new world
  • Writing into the Past- using your journal to free yourself of trauma related to your history
  • Writing into the Future- using writing to engage in your intentions
  • Blogs for Healing- writing in natural, truthful ways to your tribe
  • Body Roots Journaling- using a journal to find the key to physical wellbeing and grounding and your art
  • Libations Journal- recording drinks and libations with some sort of photos or drawings included in your studies
  • Birth Journeys- a scrapbook journal of the birth story
  • My Child’s Life- journaling about our children as a record of their light and love
  • My Marriage Book- a shared notebook to deepen your partnership
  • I Take the Year- a scrapbook journal that records your year or your seasons of life
  • My Study Journal- recording your studies to share with others in the Curriculum Response Teams for Wren


  • The Mason Jar- simple canning lessons for jellies, jams, pickles, chutneys and relishes
  • Baking for the Sweet- vegan desserts that delight the senses
  • Bread is My Goddess- making bread that saves lives and elevates the simple sandwich
  • Vegetables Galore- everything vegetable
  • The Artful Grain- everything grain
  • The Fruity Bee- everything fruit
  • Vegan Meat- making roasts, burgers, and other staples for the hearty, healthy appetite
  • The Pantry- every kind of cooking equipment you need
  • The Storeroom- all your staples and where to buy them
  • The Grocery Store as Your Source- understanding how to shop well
  • Crockpot Sundays- crockpot meals for the family that heals all winter long
  • Menus and Venues- understanding how to create menus and the place where we eat our art
  • A Beautiful Spread- the table as the hearth center for sharing grace

Ale Making, Wine and Coffee- All of Our Friends the Libations:

  • One that Caters to the Palette- studying with vintners how to be an all around cultivator of the sense of wealth that libations give us when they are of the best quality
  • The Restaurant Winery- making a fabulous place to dine as gourmet connoisseurs right in grape country
  • The Juice Bar- making fresh juices
  • The Juice Maker- cultivating the sweetest fruits and taking them home to the one who drinks juice
  • Wine and Thyme- the sacred art of wine drinking and pairing
  • Time to Grow- the way we use time as vintners
  • The Vintner that Tides the World- the way grapes heal the seas as the kelp forests feed our whales and dolphins
  • Mead as the Bee’s Gift- mead making and mead partaking
  • The Wine Maker- being a vintner as a way to hold the entire earth’s system for green companions
  • The Humble Cherry- coffee as the root of society
  • Beans Mean Green- coffee growing to save the planet
  • Coffee to Offer Life- understanding how to create a fabulous gathering place where we shine like eggplants
  • Coffee House Sustenance- what we like to eat at coffee houses, like vegetarian hotdogs and avocado toast with balsamic drizzle and perhaps a quesadilla with sour cream
  • Seltzer Drinks- seltzer with our fruit syrups and juices as the natural spring of the healthy, young body and mind…overcoming dementia and being spry

Gardening and Farming:

  • Permaculture as the Way- understanding how to create a thriving neighborhood of houses and gardens together
  • My Garden I Love- using children’s gardening to create places that we love to grow in
  • The Infill Farm- bringing our farms into our cities
  • The Neighborhood Economy- understanding how plants, housing and people thrive in a little place of home
  • The Warehouse District- understanding how to use our truckers and our warehouses in our cities and towns
  • Food Apples- food design for the community
  • Keeping it Green- the grocer as the green standard
  • Farmer’s Market Lore- making every store a market
  • The Vegetarian Carrot- vegetarian restaurants as our thrive in the hive
  • The Field Trip Farmer- letting your farm be a place of delight and joy that we love to visit

The Restaurant and the Festival:

  • The Pan Festival- bringing the community together for green celebration and green living
  • Serving at the Festival- restaurants learn to come on out and play even if they close for the day
  • Everything Restaurant- for top to bottom restauranteurs and restaurant goers- we love to serve, we love to eat
  • The Restaurant Menu- a way to eat that settles us into our bones and not just our tastebuds
  • A Barrista in the Nell- our libations make us smarter when we can have them in public with you
  • The Server as the Artist of the Outing- how to serve very well as we partake in our community delights
  • The Bartender- making mocktails and drinks as the way into our hearts as we sit at the bar and contemplate life’s particulars
  • Food Out- what we like to eat in a restaurant
  • Mocktails- a specialty in drinks that are pure joy for the connoisseur of life
  • Humble Names for my Restive Abode- naming your restaurant in a thoughtful and creative way

Art and Women’s Studies:

  • The Rhythm of Art- using your art journaling practices to align with your flow
  • My Funny Valentine- making and sharing seasonal valentines, springtines, eastertines, summertines, thanksgiving cards, christmas cards and new year’s cards to delight and uplift our family and friends
  • Collage your Colors- collage with magazines and natural papers
  • Wellness through Art- art therapy for opening to creativity
  • The Hand Mason Diary Pages- krafting, knitting, embroidery, sewing, felting and the way women work with their hands
  • Kraft of Grace- women’s krafts for the ages
  • Beauty Roots- designing your home
  • Altar Thyme- sharing about sacred objects of beauty along with pictures of altar spaces in homes and studios
  • Hearthsong- taking care of the home with natural products and body-friendly practices
  • Calico- designing and making clothing and shoes
  • Nell Studies- saying yes to trees, plants and flowers
  • The Herb Word- an herbalism study course
  • An Earth-Based Birth- midwifery studies for men and women
  • Birth Journeys- art journaling about birth and children
  • Mother Moon- moon studies
  • The Flower that Saves the Earth- dried and fresh flowers to beautify every living space
  • Rocks from Gaia- crystals, rocks and wren’s nests
  • Women Make Good Business Sense- developing your home business as your studio art
  • The Art of Sound and Breath- art and music as the guide to your body roots journal
  • The Artista Notion- creating a business with your art practice


  • Rootsong Music Therapy- music therapy for growth and healing
  • Drum Call- music therapy where you find the actual beating of your heart
  • Currency- music therapy inside the five strings
  • Barleycorn Musica- music that holds the currency of life
  • Barleythyme- guitar lessons for the people
  • Barleyheart- covers that we make our own through our senses
  • Heartsong- the way music fills us up from the inside
  • Moon Medicine- music for the way you rest in your heart inside pure goodness and joy
  • This One- the way the moon aligns with the stars for musical hearts and the math system of thyme and rhythm
  • River’s Song- the Monocan times when the earth responds to the music of the tides
  • The Rhythm of Music- using your guitar and singing time to align with your flow
  • Musica- acoustic roots music for the heart
  • Roots Songwriting Room- how to write songs and getting support for your musica and poetica
  • Musicadia Lessons- guitar lessons and other instruments
  • Satellite- music for the moon and stars where you fly into the sun
  • Michael’s Sky- music that loves to build houses
  • Pan’s Wind- letting your music be the music of the earthkeeper’s soul
  • Music as Culture- learning to perform and produce music for the The Sanctuary Series

Musical Production:

  • On Producing your Musical Kraft- production from A to Z
  • Staging Our Shows- creating the backdrop and the foreground and the audience experience in a musical show
  • Shows and Thyme- making every second of a live or on line show magical
  • The Body as the Musical Dance Floor- using your body to show your musica
  • Which Guitar is Mine?- Understanding your instrument and where to come into a song when you are playing in company
  • My Company, My Guitar- using the group to make good sense of musica
  • The Festiva Performer- knowing how to play outside at our Pan Festivals
  • The Sound Guy- on delivering the right sound
  • Filming our Music- making videos and vlogs and performances that are recorded
  • The Radio Show Scene- making a radio show on line that delights and detains our interest
  • On Making a Program that the Musicas can Use- designing your musica programs for your kraft and business
  • The Listening Stage- making the sound stage work for the audience and the performer
  • Performing to Walk the Line- bringing in truth, beauty and the wind of the soul into every performance
  • The Listening Room as Your Kraft- understanding how the listening room works
  • Playing for the Ear of God- making sure that your sound is what the audience needs
  • Playing Along without Perfection- being willing to be open when you are performing to show people how to discover art as kraft
  • The Musican Stylista- understanding clothing and style for your obligation to beauty

Dance and Movement Therapy:

  • Five Roots/Body Roots/Life Roots Dance Practice- based on Five Rhythms/conscious dance. Our way to embody joy through movement and music.
  • Playlists as Our Way- transitions and our dance practice through our intentional playlist design
  • The Rhythm of Dance- using your dance practice to align with your flow
  • Chair Yoga with Roots- gentle stretching and meditation for wellness
  • Thyme as Dance- understanding how your dance practice gives you the sacred schedule you need
  • Work as Movement- moving your body to develop your life’s work
  • The Lyrical Tribe- dancing your way into community and using your skills in alignment with each other
  • Movement as Therapy- understanding how moving the body or sitting outside releases old habits and ways and brings us into vitalism
  • Walking as a Treasure Hunt- walking as movement and listening to the breath of life
  • Biking for Fun- riding bikes as a way to get moving
  • Breath as Movement- understanding how to breathe in and out when life gets challenging or joyful
  • Meditation as Work- using your physical practice to focus the mind, body, heart, soul, roots and essence on goodness
  • Trauma as a way to the Next Place of the Light- showing yourself how to release through movement your trauma and knowing that it moves you along the continuum of joy and belonging
  • Sitting in the Nell- the study of relaxation with nature as exercise
  • Lying in the Grass- letting your body sink into the earth’s rhythms by lying in the sun on a blanket
  • The Patio Series- dancing in the living room but feeling the stars on your skin
  • Body Roots Journals as the Way to Move- using your body roots journaling time to move your understanding and work
  • My Meridians are my Wellness- understanding the meridian system and looking at how any illness or pain is caused by meridians being closed and consciously working them to open and thrive
  • My Nutrition is My Dance and My Joy Body- understanding how and when to eat to overcome ill health and obsession and letting ourselves partake in food as wellness and necessary art all the time
  • My Body as My Source- Using my Body as my Beauty Way


  • Live your Drama- writing and performing plays and understanding acting
  • Set Design Studio- creating sets for plays
  • Costume Design Company- designing and ordering costuming for plays

Film and Production:

  • The Visual Studio- learning the kraft of film making to offer a place to watch beauty
  • Writing for Film- designing screenplays for art films
  • Television on the Web- working to create television shows that are fun or uplifting or beautiful or powerfully life changing
  • The Visual Eye- developing an eye through the lens for beauty and light
  • Production is Everything- learning to produce musica and film and television with luminary style
  • The Beautiful Screen Shot- working in production in total beauty and grace
  • Acting for Life Truth- honing the kraft of acting in films and television in a real way
  • Beauty as the Visual Arts- using beauty standards to create a new form of art that follows the light
  • Short Films as an Artista Notion- looking at old shorts and developing new ones
  • Working on Film Together- developing films from start to finish as a Kraft House
  • Directing and Cuts- understanding how to direct and use your eye and ear to kraft films that entertain and beguile


  • The Camera and the Lens and the Computer- the basics of getting your photography kraft started
  • Capturing the Birds- the full sense of bird photography
  • Flowers have Power- floral photography as a business or a kraft
  • On Making Notecards- designing notecards with your photos as your joy or your cottagecore business
  • Table Altar Photo Life Studies- photographing the beauty of your home designs
  • Photoshop Imaginings- understanding how to use an artist’s computer program to design your art
  • Old Polaroids- figuring out the way polaroids used to work and seeing how to make them work again

Carpentry, Masonry and Environmental Studies:

  • The Carpenter’s Studio- carpentry for men who want to use their hands for beauty- men’s only mason lodge
  • The Shed Line- creating a community of shared mason sheds- men’s only mason lodge
  • Quarry Stone- understanding the way of building, design, architecture and engineering based on the conscious foundation of green- men’s only mason lodge
  • Leaves and Buds- landscape architecture, permaculture and a thriving nell
  • The Wooden Pan- designing and building and creating with sustainable wood from trees that are cared for- men’s only mason lodge
  • The Toy Company- crafting beautiful toys for our children
  • Green Materials for the Conscious Abode- green architecture, carpentry, cohousing, infill farms, systems masons and understanding the green building revolution- men’s only mason lodge
  • Living Economy Supplies- creating the products we want for the whole world tribe
  • The Labyrinth as the Ancient Wisdom Circle- understanding the circular path of life in stone and other green materials like flowers, leaves and nuts
  • My Cousin the Tree Steward- studying trees and how to care for them globally and with new awareness of their earth wisdom and giving natures- men’s only mason lodge
  • Green River System Mason Design- studying water, watershed areas, plumbing, pipes and water systems- men’s only mason lodge
  • The Sign Maker- making signs for businesses, roads and private citizens- men’s only mason lodge
  • Mason Accents- the trim, the molding, the high ceilings, the lighting fixtures and the wood floors as the way into the consciousness of carpentry and community
  • The Nest System- nesting bowls as they line and the circle, we never break the code


  • The Artist’s Wrench- mechanics and engineering for the machine minded
  • The Garage- cars, trucks and the Black Bear Trucking system
  • The Green Machine- silent, efficient and solar driven machines
  • The Spry Automotive- vehicles that make transportation work for the long term earth-based world community
  • Solar Cars- working on designing and converting to solar automobiles


  • Roots and Rivers- earth education studies
  • Science Systems- understanding science as a new cultural rhythm
  • Calico Science- science as the way to design the earth for the collective
  • Science Experiments for the Questioning Mind- fun science projects and creative adventures with earth materials

Earth Science:

  • An Animal’s Way- studying the way animals really live and act when they are not threatened
  • Migration- the birds that come to our feeders now that the earth is temperate
  • The Buffalo and the Bull- studying cows, horses, buffalo, wolves, gorillas, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, manatees and elephants as the leaders of the world
  • When we Destroy Our Kin- the way Covid came about consciously due to massive animal abuse
  • A Kinder Sense- how we protect our children from abuse by protecting animals and trees
  • The Tree Story- how trees are the true stewards and officers of the earth
  • The Canopy- the place where animals go that we can’t see where they are safe
  • My Friend Deer- the study of deer and how to support them even in cities
  • Our Farm Friends- taking care of goats, cows, chickens, turkeys, sheep, pigs and bunnies for our children on their field trips in the thriving farm without overpopulating or misunderstanding and animal’s way and purpose- love only for the animal steward
  • The Oceans- creating a world where our oceans thrive
  • The Boatman- lobsterman as steward of the bays and the fisherman as steward of the sea

Officer Studies:

  • An Officer Meets the Moon- understanding how to be a Michael and a sacred bull elephant for the tribe- men’s only mason lodge
  • An Officer Meets the Sun- using science to become a room guard- men’s only mason lodge
  • Valor with Courage- men use their bodies and their words for the valiant path- men’s only mason lodge
  • Fence- taking care of our safety in all of our neighborhoods and in the community at large
  • Mason Law for the Green World- becoming a good mason officer and an attorney at law- men’s only mason lodge

Politics and Law:

  • The Omsbudsman- mayorship, on being a senator, municipal masons and urban planning- men’s only mason lodge
  • The Politica Journalist Heart- green journalism and community-based politics that are kind and just for the new world order- men’s only mason lodge
  • Law with Order- becoming Green Mason in your law- men’s only mason lodge

Wellness and Sacred Medicine:

  • The Natural Physician- a study group for the medicine men and women of our tribe
  • The Pharmacist in the Nell- kitchen herb apothecary as the way into healing the body
  • Where Medicine Starts- a study group for physicians to move beyond the disease-based culture
  • The Coach Well- being a wealth of clear, fresh water for your coaching clients and yourself
  • Old Self Harm as Your New Sacred Medicine- ending cutting forever
  • Roots without a Substance- overcoming addiction and deep cravings
  • I Don’t Shine- the way I starve my people and my tribe of my gifts
  • Stopping the Tide- the way I use control of my body or my habits to hold things back when I am nervous and scared
  • Ugliness as my Crutch- denying beauty as my suffering art just because I can
  • Tit for Tat- you give me something and I give it back no matter what it does to my heart
  • On Holding Back- the way I can’t thrive and do what I want and need to because of my trauma and how to release myself into thrive with friendship circling my heart and soul
  • I am my Own- releasing the tendency to give our light away to the ones that harm
  • Moving On- a support group for those that have had to let go of too much to bear
  • I Wear my Pain on the Outside- clothing choice, tattoos, piercings and being too thin or too fat as the way we have unconsciously shown our pain and worn our trauma
  • The Way I Haven’t Eaten- starvation, binging and chronic tiredness illness as the way I have suffered for the beauty I have craved and not had
  • On Not Having Anything I can Count On- deprivation as suffering and the new way to have what we need and more
  • My family has been my Way- the way I have settled for less than my birthright because of who I have belonged to
  • Bad Music as our Cultural Wound- the way we have suffered with art designed to sell our souls to the devil