Wren Centers for the One World Wellness Tribe

I am developing Wren Centers that are wellness centers for releasing trauma, learning, growing and thriving. These are both day programs and nine week and six month residential treatment centers. On February 12, 2023 Wren Centers will officially begin around the world with a A Love Yourself Well Wellness Fair and Open House from 11am-3pm. People with wellness businesses will come to showcase their services locally and refreshments will be served. Wren programming will begin on February 13, 2023 with Wren and the Twelve Steps. One February 14, 2023 we will have Eat Your Colors- Eating Out all day. We will have date night in the group by looking at menus that upcoming restaurants provide for us online.

The following courses are offered in our Wren Centers. Courses will be offered in many community locations in varying schedules based on need. It is possible to study and work full time depending on your degree program. Groups last fifty minutes.

Wren and the Twelve Steps are offered in one and a half hour sessions with business musica included. Participants do art and journaling exercises and a facilitator reads the program and guides the discussion with the group.

These courses are university programs. We will have phone and online studies. Our film-makers and our sound technicians will support us in this. Contact the Rinpoche if you are a part of the web team.

For people who have a calling to facilitate and coach who aren’t sure how, use your business musician as your co-facilitator until you shine like an eggplant.

We are graduating on December 10, 2023 as the first wave of Bachelor’s Degree scholars from the Dalai Lama’s Dakon University. Dakon University is an uncommon place to learn and grow in community. Our degrees are both traditional and non-traditional degrees. They include Education and Culture, Business, Math, Earth Science, Farming, Architecture/Engineering, Masonry, Art Therapy, Movement Therapy, Dance, Writing Therapy, Writing, Music Therapy, Music, Business Musica, Coaching, Wisdom within Culture Studies, Men’s Cultural Studies, Women’s Cultural Studies, Herbalist Medical Doctor, Midwifery, Herbalism, Tree Studies and Botany.

Registration for graduation for the first wave of degrees for completion in 2023 begins January 15, 2023 with the Dalai Lama’s Institute and studies begin after registration. People can continue to study into 2024 and be the first wave of Master’s Degree Scholars who will graduate on December 10, 2024. The opportunity to continue to study for a PhD will continue into the following year and the first wave of PhD scholars will graduate on December 10, 2025. From 2023 on you will have the opportunity to graduate each year but you must complete a full year of studies beginning in January.

If you would prefer to start at the high school level no matter your age if you are fourteen or older you will graduate with a high school diploma from Dakon University after two years of studies on June 10 of the the year of completion. Studies for high school begin the day after Labor Day.

If you feel a sacred calling to write curriculum for any of these degree courses we welcome you to join the team of writers for that course. If you are on the curriculum team for any course and you wish to write a book by the course’s title you may if the curriculum team approves it. You may not use these course titles as websites or as business names. Joining a curriculum team can be arranged through the Dalai Lama’s Institute. Curriculum teams may make handouts that are distributed through email to center coordinators but there will not be websites for courses because these courses are dynamic and inspiration-based. We do not want a cult following.

Each group is sacred. The facilitator is responsible for holding the field. The field is the group’s wellness and well-being. We have to create a safe community together. This means we address disruptive people with directness, honesty and firm boundaries. Then we return to what we were doing and continue our work with joy. It is always necessary to have boundaries. We are not yet safe as a tribe. We can take this to the mason lodges as needed. We must learn to be unwavering in our support for each other’s wellness and in our deep integrity as sacred healers.

Center Coordinators are also available to hold the space for us and to protect us from people that like to harm. Center Coordinators are Wren Executive Directors and work together as a team and run their individual centers. Coordinators may only run one center.

Participants in the Wren programs are just as valued and essential as the people that have the sacred call to lead them. We are now one global tribe. People from all castes, even the lowest ones and from all circumstances, and from all walks of life, and from all ancestry and lineages have joined us. This is incredibly life-giving to us. And we love you. Love, love love. Let’s just open our hearts and love again and again. That truly is the sacred medicine of our tribe.

If you find yourself wondering how to be a student and a follower but not a leader remember that you are a scholar and a seeker and a luminary and a sacred listener. And you like to learn. A lot of people will want to study for a long time. And a lot of people will want to have full-time professions doing lots of things for the living economy. Others will want to be full-time parents of the children they adopt and already have and be available for homeschooling. Find your most clear and beautiful expression for yourself in your heart by taking a moment to go in. Whatever you choose is perfect for you and all of us. What is your sacred word right at this moment? Let this guide you for your best life.


  • Wren and the Twelve Steps of Resiliency- facilitated trauma release program
  • Resiliency Rooms- discussion of life roots
  • Culture Story-the old culture and how to create a new one. We call religion culture now.
  • Poetry with Heart- poetry reading, discussion and therapy group
  • The Poem Writer- a poetry writing support group where you share poetry and write your brilliant works of art
  • The Labyrinth as the Ancient Wisdom Circle- understanding the circular path of life in stone and other green materials like flowers, leaves and nuts
  • Eat Your Colors Nutrition Program- vegetarian nutrition series with different sessions
  • Roots without a Substance- overcoming addiction and deep cravings
  • Clutter Box Series- overcoming clutter to become a beauty steward
  • Morning Meeting- a way to set up your day
  • Evening Meeting- a closing for your evening rest time
  • Writing for Wellbeing- a journaling exercise and a writing support group
  • Wellness through Art- art therapy for opening to creativity
  • Chair Yoga with Roots- gentle stretching and meditation for wellness
  • Meditation- guided words and listening for the sacred
  • Rootsong Music Therapy- music therapy for growth and healing
  • Musica- acoustic roots music for the heart
  • Roots Songwriting Room- how to write songs and getting support for your musica and poetica
  • Musicadia Lessons- guitar lessons and other instruments
  • Barleythyme- guitar lessons for the people
  • Janoah Wind- music of the soul that makes you whole
  • Beauty Roots- designing your home
  • Roots and Visions- making sense of voices and visions and mystical experiences
  • Live your Drama- writing and performing plays and understanding acting
  • Hearthsong- taking care of the home with natural products and body-friendly practices
  • The Shed Line- creating a community of shared mason sheds
  • The Herb Word- an herbalism study course
  • The Citizen Way- on being a good citizen and green mason activist
  • Collage your Colors- collage with magazines and natural papers
  • I Like to Thrive- green living life skills
  • Eat your Colors Chefista School- learning to be a vegetarian chef and baker
  • Individual Wellness Coaching Sessions- a way to go into to your wellness with a coach that listens and supports your journey to spry
  • Journal Thyme- journaling and art journaling in scrapbooks and other types of paper journals
  • Five Roots/Body Roots/Life Roots Dance Practice- based on Five Rhythms/conscious dance. Our way to embody joy through movement and music.
  • Old Self Harm as Your New Sacred Medicine- ending cutting forever
  • Birth Journeys- art journaling about birth and children
  • The Men Meet- men’s sacred support group
  • The Women’s Nest- women’s sacred support group
  • An Earth-Based Birth- midwifery studies for men and women
  • Mother Moon- moon studies
  • Roots and Rivers- earth education studies
  • Science Systems- understanding science as a new cultural rhythm
  • An Officer Meets the Moon- understanding how to be a Michael and a sacred bull elephant for the tribe
  • Valor with Courage- men use their bodies and their words for the valiant path
  • The Artista Notion- creating a buisness with your art practice
  • The Written Notion- creating a business with your writing practice
  • Traditions and Rememberings- understanding how to live a good life in a brand new culture
  • The Natural Physician- a study group for the medicine men and women of our tribe
  • Altar Thyme- sharing about sacred objects of beauty along with pictures of altar spaces in homes and studios
  • Nell Studies- saying yes to trees, plants and flowers
  • Timed and Thymed- moving from the profane time of the old world to the sacred thyme of the Pan Revolution and the Green World
  • The Company Store- entrepreneurism for the business minded citizen
  • A Rooted Nourishment- saying yes to restoration, resiliency, rejuvenation and nourishment with every choice we make
  • I am my Own- releasing the tendency to give our light away to the ones that harm
  • Moving On- a support group for those that have had to let go of too much to bear
  • One World Wellness Tribe- discussion and support for being a thriving green world of tribal citizens
  • The Old and the New- gathering new and old traditions to share with the next generations
  • The Coach Well- being a wealth of clear, fresh water for your coaching clients and yourself
  • The Flower that Saves the Earth- dried and fresh flowers to beautify every living space
  • Rocks from Gaia- crystals, rocks and wren’s nests
  • Reading from the Root- sharing the best books and having vibrant discussions for spry minds
  • Quarry Stone- understanding the way of building, design, architecture and engineering based on the conscious foundation of green
  • The Artist’s Wrench- mechanics and engineering for the machine minded
  • The Garage- cars, trucks and the Black Bear Trucking system
  • Leaves and Buds- landscape architecture, permaculture and a thriving nell
  • Green Materials for the Conscious Abode- green architecture, carpentry, cohousing, infill farms, systems masons and understanding the green building revolution
  • Living Economy Supplies- creating the products we want for the whole world tribe
  • The Toy Company- crafting beautiful toys for our children
  • Games Make Me Smart- individual and group gaming and design for all ages
  • Green River System Mason Design- studying water, watershed areas, plumbing, pipes and water systems
  • The Wooden Pan- designing and building and creating with sustainable wood from trees that are cared for
  • My Cousin the Tree Steward- studying trees and how to care for them globally and with new awareness of their earth wisdom and giving natures
  • The Green Machine- silent, efficient and solar driven machines
  • The Spry Automotive- vehicles that make transportation work for the long term earth-based world community
  • The Luminary Writer- writing to design the new world
  • Where Medicine Starts- a study group for physicians to move beyond the disease-based culture
  • Science Experiments for the Questioning Mind- fun science projects and creative adventures with earth materials
  • The Culture Club- studying world languages and using conversation to communicate and share ideas
  • The Hand Mason Diary Pages- krafting, knitting, embroidery, sewing, felting and the way women work with their hands
  • The Mason Jar- simple canning lessons for jellies, jams, pickles, chutneys and relishes
  • Mason Law for the Green World- becoming a good mason officer and an attorney at law
  • The Omsbudsman- mayorship, on being a senator, municipal masons and urban planning
  • Calico- designing and making clothing and shoes
  • Politica- green journalism and community-based politics that are kind and just for the new world order
  • The Math Major- math for life
  • The Sign Maker- making signs for businesses, roads and private citizens