Wren Treatment Centers

We offer different types of programming for different needs through Wren. You can go by day or only certain days a week. If you need to go into short or long term residential treatment for your trauma and/or your addiction we have a beauty way for you. There is a selection process for who is allowed to study in our tribe. You must develop an Individualized Wellness Plan and an Owl Statement and Resiliency Intention and Growth statement and be screened by an admissions counselor to participant in any Wren programming. If you are disruptive or not following the Resiliency Room code you will be told to leave by the people in leadership positions. This is non-negotiable.

Your degree program is based on your wisdom and is considered independent study. You will have support from your coach to design your program and determine which degrees you qualify for based on your studies.

These are our programs:

Wren House- a course of study for a degree program in a mental health center or a home or other type of building.

Wren Residential College- a live in college in a neighborhood or in the country for the study of Wren.

Wren’s Nest- A nine week trauma and addiction release program in a mental health crisis stabilization unit or a beautiful treatment center.

Wren’s Chest- a one year trauma and addiction release program in a beautiful home. This includes our Manor House and our Still Life.

Wren College includes a store called The Moon Exchange and a clinic which is called Moon Bloom with Herbalist Medical Doctors and coaches and pharmacists who use a kitchen herb apothecary approach.

Residential Treatment includes the following:

  • A room to yourself with a bathroom and a shower
  • Wooden furniture, an upholstered chair and plant shelves in your room.
  • A shared kitchen and dining room and living room
  • An office and a group room you can use twenty four hours a day
  • Group coaching and individual coaching are an essential piece of your studies
  • A kitchen herb apothecary
  • A bar for mocktails
  • Unlimited food budget
  • You are allowed to buy clothes, shoes and supplies on Amazon, ebay and etsy but you must follow beauty standards. A beauty steward will assist you. You are allowed to keep your things after you leave and you are allowed to help design the common areas.
  • A carpentry studio
  • Daily access to outside
  • Locked outer doors for your safety from people that like to harm
  • No access to a car yourself
  • Allowed to go out with a coach
  • No phone for wren treatment hubsters
  • Jobs of all levels are always readily available and you can study full-time but you have house responsibilities and you always have to come to morning and evening meeting daily for the community well-being. You must be in programming daily and you may not opt out.
  • It is Wren programming with the addition of a coach that works with you individually
  • You can also study Tuesdays on the phone at Dakon University for Culture Story if that is your choice of degree.

Manor House– Treatment after treatment for three months in a country estate where you have access to a phone and not yet a car but you go deeper with your work in a group setting.

Still Life- The last phase of treatment in a beautiful home in the country for three months and you have full access to life but you have a place to transition. There is no staff. You begin to live independently and you have a solar car or a ride wherever you want to go.

You may not go through this program again. If you do not succeed with Wren residential treatment or Wren College there will never be another opportunity to go into treatment. This is non-negotiable and you will be screened and monitored so you will not be able to lie.