Wren Workshops

Workshops are a fun way in our Sanctuaries to learn and grow for our art and music and culture studies and beauty studies and nell studies.


  • Sharing your Story- a writing and public speaking workshop for delivering a view inside
  • Songwriting as a Team- a songwriting workshop for the tribe
  • Art Journaling for the Seasons and for the Heart- art journaling workshop with playlists and materials
  • Table Altar Design and Photography- learning how to make a beautiful table and altars on every surface and photographing them to share
  • Nature Photography- learning to live and partake in nature in a community way of sharing
  • Birds and Blooms- understanding how to care for your yard
  • Keynote Design and Delivery- learning how to write and deliver keynote lectures
  • Birth Stories- a workshop series for women or men or children where we create Birth Journey journals and share our stories
  • Arranging Flowers- understanding how to make beautiful altar arrangements
  • Krafting for Creating- krafting workshop or workshop series that has a specific theme or project in mind
  • Business Development- understanding how to develop and run a cottagecore business
  • A Worker’s Life- understanding how to live and work for the first time in thrive
  • Tree Identification- a workshop on trees and what they are up to
  • Plant Knowing- understanding good and bad companions and what they are saying to us
  • The Temperate Climate- a workshop on climate change
  • Science Experiments for all Ages- delving in to science for yourself and/or taking it back to your students
  • Homeschooling Adventures- a series of workshops for teachers run by people from all walks of life
  • Movement as a Practice of Gentleness- learning about gentle forms of exercise
  • Chefista School- a vegetarian cooking series with shared food after we make our recipe
  • Bread Baking for the Hearthkeeper- baking bread and using good books at home
  • Dessertiana- a series about vegan desserts
  • Home Plant Companions- understanding houseplants and how to care for them
  • On Being a Business Musica- a series of workshops to train guitar players on how to be business musicians
  • Hearth Cleaning the Natural Way- using natural products to keep your home shiny and well
  • Your Own Apothecary- a pharmacist led workshop about designing and purchasing your own kitchen herb apothecary
  • How to Shop- a workshop on how to participate fully with your purchasing power in the living economy