Chair Yoga with Roots

You can do this by having someone read it to you or by reading it yourself. You could print it out if that helps. Its pretty easy to memorize. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes, depending on if you do standing poses and legs up the wall. It’s very good for a spry body. Add ten minutes of sitting outside in the fresh air, a five to twenty minute walk and a dance practice with your vegetarian nutrition and your wellness work and you will be fit as a fiddlehead fern.

Sit comfortably in your chair.
Take a deep breath in through your nose.
Exhale through your mouth.
And another one.
Send it down into your feet.
Into your belly.
Into your hands.
Into your heart.
Close your eyes.
Thank yourself for showing up to your yoga practice.
Now open your eyes.
Turn your head to the left. 
Turn to middle.
Drop your chin to your chest.
Turn your head to the right.
Do neck rolls if that feels right, never strain, and pause at crinkles and see what is going on.
Do quiet shoulder rolls.
Lift shoulders to ears. Drop back down. Repeat. Repeat again.
Take left hand and put it behind you on the chair and look over left shoulder for a spinal twist. 
Repeat twist on right side. Keep eyes soft.
Lift legs and hold feet out in front of you for happy baby. Grab toes if you like.
Imagine a cord from two feet above your head going down your spine. Keep your spine straight and your hips level in mountain pose.
Lift up right foot. 
Do ankle rolls. This opens up the meridians which are the key to a spry body.
Clench toes and arch foot. 
Place ball of foot on ground. Now heel. Now arch (don't be literal). Now all parts of foot. Feel what it feels like to have feet firmly rooted to the ground.
Repeat on left.
Lift arms to shoulder height for warrior pose. Look over shoulders one at a time. Rest in between.
Do wrist rolls, one hand at a time. Clench fists tightly and puff out frustration. Hold arms out straight and clasp fingers for finger stretch. 
Roll shoulders back.
Arch back and place hands on back of chair for cat stretch.
Collapse belly for cow. 
Fold over knees while keeping hips straight for forward bend. Come up slowly and evenly. Do not hold long. Place hands on floor, knees or ankles. 
Stand and clasp chair for downward dog.
Stand and balance on one leg holding chair for tree pose.
Legs up the wall is optional.
Close eyes.
Check in to see if anything is different from when you started. 
Place hands in prayer position and press thumbs against breastbone. Thank yourself for showing up to your yoga practice today. Silently thank the people who showed up with you. 
Namaste. The light within me honors the light within you.