Eat Your Colors Nutrition Program

This is my sixteen session vegetarian nutrition program that makes a mind and body sing with delight and learning.

  • Treasure Hunt- going to the grocery store and online to find a bonanza of choices in a fun activity
  • Fill your Bowl- 12 weeks of filling your bowl with some kind of cold salad dish for a week’s worth of bounty
  • Blessings for the Table- writing blessings/ blessing cards/ collage/ art box
  • Staples- amazon shopping for the storeroom
  • Crockpot Sundays- crockpot dishes and rice pot meals
  • Mocktails and Libations- sacred ales for the healthy citizen
  • Cooking for the Seasons- the five tastes and all the colors based on vegetarian macrobiotic cooking as described in the Natural Foods Cookbook by Mary Estella
  • I am Pretty- photographing our kitchen art
  • Setting the Table/ Table Altar- using linens, pretty dishes, pretty silverware and candles and flowers to make a beautiful spread
  • Nutritional Labels- gathering nutritional labels, typing them up and analyzing them
  • Salts and Herbs- salts, spices and herbal teas in mason jars
  • Eating Out- what to order/ online dates from restaurant menus
  • Grocery Shopping- understanding what to buy at the store with a well-developed list
  • Your Food Budget- the Budgeting app where you can change names of budgeted items and be very creative for fun and tracking. We like to be rich and use our money consciously.
  • Tea Thyme- having tea thyme, what teas to buy and drink
  • Your Kitchen Pantry- pots, pans, utensils and dishes