How to Start and Design your Work

We are moving as a tribe into the most creative time of our individual and group lives. Wren and Dakon University are such system changers. They really lift us up so we become the moon and the stars. We are as shiny as an eggplant together and alone. And we may or may not need time for both. To start to be stunning we have to find our way into creativity. We have our code in our Resiliency Room statement. But we are still needing something else. This thing is probably just a little settling and grounding into ourselves and into nature. So try the following on your own to go into the silence of grace. Have a few minutes of silence at the beginning of each meeting after you have done your Resiliency Room statement work. Or read the following aloud with pauses. And when the room is ready, begin anew.

Designing the Set:

  • Take a moment to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth two times and send it into your belly, hands, feet and heart.
  • Say, “Roots and rivers in my body. Roots and rivers in the earth.” Connect to any trees you can think of.
  • Ask for grace to come upon you.
  • Think for a moment or two inside what you would like to intend for the task you have before you.
  • Decide how you go into your intention. This might mean you need to write, draw or sit outside in nature for a minute. Or get a cool or hot libation.
  • See if this settles you.
  • Move as a group into discussion and form when everyone is ready.