I Consult my Clutter Box

You might be feeling like you know how to decide about relationships and things of the heart and you do not. If this is you, make your clutter box right away. You are cluttering up your life again with things and people that are bad for you.

Clutter Box (This is also a six session Wren program.)

What you need:

  • Two lidded wooden boxes
  • a small handmade paper scroll (tear the edges of the paper) tied with raffia or ribbon with a poem on it (The Waking, Wild Geese or The Journey)
  • dried flowers
  • sage
  • crystals or colored rocks
  • frankincense and myrrh resin
  • worry dolls
  • a beaded string or bracelet
  • something soft, like a tassel, a pompom, or a piece of silk

What you do with it:

Place both boxes , one on top of the other on a wooden piece of furniture that you love.

Consult them when you think you like someone or something. Take out the beads or something soft or a worry doll and say , “I like…..”

See what the box says.

Take out something else. See what it says.

Close the box and move along with your life without doing that bad thing that you were about to do.

Wren Wellness Toolkit Journal

Start a new journal with your favorite tools for wellness. Those are your partitions to cultivate joy, your five meridians of magic, your favorite playlists, your best foods, your best friends’ emails, your coach and anything else you can think of that goes into your written wren toolkit.

Use your Colors

If you find yourself being anorexic or going on a clutter binge, you are probably in white or grey. Use a color, like blue, in your environment to get out of this addiction to suffering. This could be blueberry cake, a blueberry smoothie, a blueberry pie, a little blue robin’s egg from amazon in a plant or a nest, a warm wet blue washcloth on your forehead while you lie down to rest, buying a set of blue pottery dishes on etsy, filling a blue vase with flowers or using a blue mug for tea. Green and pink for the heart chakra are also nice. Rose tea, a rose bath, a rose foot soak, working in the indoor or outdoor garden, touching a tree, lying in the grass, a pot of greens or an arugula salad with goat cheese work well. I’m sure you get the picture.