I Like to Thrive

Some people in our world have been so marginalized and impoverished in every way that they have no life skills. They have never driven, never owned a house, never mowed the lawn, never cooked, never used a bank card and some of them have barely spoken to us. This is hurtful to all of us that we have let as a society our friends and family members in large numbers be thrown away.

To gain life skills we need to get smart. This means first that we need to communicate our needs to people that will listen. All of these thrown away people have staff. And there must be at least one who is trustworthy when educated. So we have to break out of our units. Those are the people so close beside us that are our attackers or that refuse to listen for their religious or habitual reasons. They can’t see us. We have a script that we are forced to follow. So, getting out and getting into to the tribe is the first step.

Then it’s fun. Of course you, my love can have everything. You are the moon. On Tuesday. And you are a love. Coaching from a community steward is the answer. Or if you can’t be in the community just yet go into a treatment center for six months and study there. There are all kinds of treatments centers in all kinds of locations. You can move into a pretty manor house or a former recovery center. This is excellent for our Amber Grace team. A lot of people already have had normal lives. They are the new ones so close beside you. And they love to teach you to thrive, like I do. Trust them. And stop worrying. The only thing that can separate you from this movement is you.

Own a house. Drive a car. Cook. Clean. Study. Work. Be a doctor. Be a midwife. Homeschool children. Be a musica. Be an artist. Be a chef. Be a mechanic. Or a Black Bear trucker. Or a designer. Or a web master on the web team. Be a writer. Have a website. You can do it. You are well in your intelligence, wren.