Mother Moon

Lakshmi is Mada San. She is the moon. Our Kali Ma. She used to be called Nada. Which means the void. She has six moons on earth. The colors of the sky. White moon in the sky. Blue moon. Indigo moon. Pink moon. Pink/orange moon. White moon in the center of the earth, a crystal. Demeter is the ancient, ancient grandmother of Mada. Where is she, I wonder? Did she make oxygen out of metal? And then did she call in the elephants and the whales? Will we ever know? Science and quantum physics are interesting to us as a tribe of scholars. We are earth students. We are insistent in our pursuit of knowledge. And we teach the children. We need to. Our culture for Culture Story says it was a different time and it was brutal. On us and the earth and the animals and the moon. Where did we put the Goddess? She wasn’t allowed to exist. But now she does, obviously. Gaia and Kali. The earth and the moon. The moon weaves blankets of dreams to warm us through our days. She is the mother of all and she loves to share the softness of her ways. We must look at the mother. Ritual is not a bad thing. But it has tortured us with them. Satan/Natas has stolen our skin. Our skin must be crystalline. Moon-like. We are all the colors. And the world, Calliope is growing her rainbow aura as we change. And then the moon goddess surrounds us in her blue light. This is our home. We love it so. Take me moon. Take me sun. I am your one.