Old Self Harm as the New Sacred Medicine

Do you have tattoos? If so, you have marred your beauty. This is your eternal body we are speaking of. You have injected chlorinated dye under your skin.

Fortunately, you are now homoluminous. And skin constantly regenerates. So we will attempt to align your liver with your kidneys so you can release this thing you have done to yourself.

Look at your liver. How is it interacting with the dye in your skin? Give it words in writing. Let your liver speak to the dye. What does it say?

Now speak to your liver about the thing you thought when you knew it was right for you to ink your body. See what it says.

What is self harm to you?

How does your liver handle the fact that you have put this dye permanently into your healing system? You knew when you did it that it was permanent.

Do you choose now to restore your body to a healthful state by releasing this thing you have signed up for for life? Something you have thought of as your art?

Where is the pain that is under your skin hiding now?

How do you begin the process of releasing this pain? Think of how many stages you have to let the ink fade and dissolve and be released from your tissue by your lymph and your kidneys. Think of yourself as a system in full vibrant wellness wholeness operation. If you are covered from head to toe you have more to release than if most of your skin is clear.

How do the stages of ink release regenerate the skin?

The skin regenerates one chakra at a time. It starts with the root. But remember we have been wounded at level twelve. And level twelve is systematically the soul place. When we are embodied as masters we learn through Wren how to heal our skin.

Owie. My skin hurts. Everyone of us is responsible to each other. We are one world wide web. Check who is at level twelve in your chakra system. That person will say, “Who are you?” But you will know them. Then they will say, “What do I do?” You explain that they very gently enter their own field and leave yours. They go into their bodies through their skulls. That brings you to God. Go gently into God you say. They probably will resist because they hear the wolf, Red or Black howling or feel the horse, Brown kicking them because the animals have a different sense of justice than we do, they don’t mind delivering a well-deserved kick or scream or howl, they put justice where they want to. When they resist grace takes them over and they immediately forget what they just did. But you won’t.

Once you address them, you will spin. The only way to calm this down is to go through. Owie, this hurts when we have billions of people with grey inside their chakra system. Who in the world doesn’t have grey? It is not nearly as prevalent as it used to be. I have listened to millions of hours of grey and cleared out level twelve. But we are still dealing with them.

Once we go through every last one of them we get to the master field. And then we fly. Without spinning. Fly is nice. Fly is when we are so filled with joy and love and inspiration that we listen to God. But God is not fly, really. As long as there are those people talking to him and her still.

We have to see how to listen to the community way with a healed God in our root. This comes from finding grace. Grace is our birthright. We need to lie down when we are wounded. The level twelve wound is the worst one because it is our soul skin. Our soul skin is always finding a way to work within sacred lines. Those sacred lines came at a cost to us. And we know how to use their magic to find peace when our lines can no longer be crossed by them.

I am actually the worst spinner in the world. I hear everything that everyone says in their souls. I am writing this to you with a chiropractor that is world famous. He always tells people he is their master. And his skin is deeply marred for it. He tried to bring his team to the light of the new consciousness. They are gurus. They didn’t choose to come along.

Every practitioner of the disease-based model is a guru to us. We let them do whatever they want. Or we are forced to, as I am. I just heard another attacker. I took him through the meditation I described above. My skin started to settle down.

Skin is our protection and we have had none. You are responsible for your own self harm. And you are responsible for every person you have acted against. Skin loves to be touched with love and gentleness.

There are always reverberations to pain. This is a cycle. Cycles are like seasons. They follow a pattern. Like art. Like music. We like to follow one, two, three. That means one matches two and two matches three and this is our math equation.

Go look at your tattoo. What is the inked pattern that you chose? My tattoo is level twelve. Yours might be cohosh. Our tattoo is the eyes that we see with. When we place it on our skin we are showing our medicine. Our medicine is tribal and collective. When we create something new we are taken to God.

Our soul skin holds our memories. Our gifts are in our hearts. Our hands are called to act. Our feet are called to move.

My soul skin was visible to everyone around me. I talked to souls out loud. And I still do. And I have been extremely brutalized for it. But it is my sacred medicine. It is the way that I move. My hands and feet are bound. I do my work anyway.

Your skin is in layers. Like my auric field. I have the Rootsong Reiki. Reiki is skin. And it has been marked. I have been marked since the beginning of my soul’s incarnation.

To release a tattoo from your skin you are going to have to go through layer by layer. But we are eternal and we can regenerate our systems.

Get a small journal and write down everything you eat, what you did for movement and stretching and seeking out nature, what you did for ink, and how your liver, skin, lymph and kidneys are doing daily. Write this body roots journal for as long as needed. Find a friend or group of friends that is doing this and share your progress.

How are feeling now? Can you tell someone?

Have you ever been ashamed or guilty? This is skin. If your skin is resilient because you are it can change. So use your resources to free your true art. Don’t put ink inside the healing system of your body to identify yourself as beautiful or ugly anymore. Let your body restore, regenerate, replenish, be nourished and be inspired. Let the guilt, the shame and the pain go from your skin.

You know what to do and so does your skin. No one wants to be marked for eternity. Be a good book. Be the good book. Read and be read. Know thy place. Know thy art. Know yourself. Know those so close beside you.

You are not marred. But you did choose to damage your beauty. Skin likes to be free. Not confined or dyed. You are not an easter egg.

What are you? Are you beautiful by design but not with design? You are. Let yourself return your body to its original state of wholeness. You will be thankful. Ink is injected in pain. Eventually it causes pain. All sorts of imbalances result.

Find your balance. Find your way. Find your skin. Your liver is wise. It’s like you. It has enzymes it can send to your skin to support you. Your kidneys can detoxify your system.

Allow this to happen gently. For you are far too beautiful to allow yourself to be hurt.

Tattoos are cultural. But so are a lot of other really destructive things. Find the culture you love and cherish. And let your old skin go.

Shed. And be well. You deserve it.