Program, Treatise and Curriculum Writing

There are different ways to write for others in teams and as an individual author.


Programs are written by individual authors. They take you through a course of study that is uniquely designed to help you learn and grow in a certain subject area or in a themed way. Unit work for homeschoolers are programs. Wren and the Twelve Steps of Resiliency is a program. Wren Residential College is program and so are all the other Dakon colleges. Programs are a way to study more deeply the things that we are most interested in. We can study programs alone or we can get a group of friends together to have rich discussion and a shared learning experience that gives us fly. Those of us that write programs are not trying to sell you a fake miracle in ten days. But we will make real miracles happen for you if we are serious about our writing and our work and our ideas. You will know right away if our quality meets your standards. If it does, you will probably take us tidal. That means world wide. This is our life long dream as writers and teachers and coaches and musicians. It’s what makes us move. Please allow us to get our groove on, you, our fabulous people. We love our followers very much and we are always thinking of you, sweet.

A Treatise:

A treatise is a statement of philosophy. This is written by a guild, a society or a union. This document is designed to show you what the organization’s heart and soul for thrive is. We want to draw in the right people. And we are passionate about being a part of an organization of fellow seekers and masters. We love to think and grow. And we love to bring others along that share our ideas and our hearts. We need to grow in our organizations. So, we like to have something to rest our hat on that we know captures our true aspirations. Guilds, societies and unions tend to change leadership over time. Because people like to do different things with their time. So, we use our treatise to grow ourselves into eternity. And this works for us. Because we are a careful lot of green masons with our words and our deeds.


A curriculum is written by a a guild, society or union as a set of agreed upon standards that hubsters and workers can look to for understanding of the principles of learning that we want to follow as a tribe. A curriculum is the backbone of what we do in our programs. Our curriculum defines what we like to promote in our organizations and in our businesses and in all of our teams. If these don’t meet our One World Wellness Tribe community green standards the guild, society or union simply won’t survive. A business plan should be a curriculum. Because it describes the fundamental guidelines that are used to develop every detail of the business operation. So a curriculum is the operating manual. This means we have an Individual Wellness Plan, an Owl Statement and a Resiliency, Intention and Growth Plan for every business if a business writes us a curriculum that they are willing to share at CAGA meetings.