Roots without a Substance

We have to find a way as a tribe to overcome addiction. Stress and anxiety and fear have been our societal guideposts. We do not learn self care. Addiction is our tattoo. So is being anorexic whether that means you are very thin, normal, or very fat. If you are addicted you will have cravings and want desperately to continue returning to old habits. Old Self Harm as the New Sacred Medicine and the Tattoo Meditation take us into a way to come out of addiction with our other Wren Wellness Work. So, after you do the Tattoo Meditation look for your craving. What is your craving doing now? What it tells you will probably be your first step to wellness. We have been ignoring our bodies. Our first step will tell us listen to your body and it will say how. It could be writing or singing or cooking or eating. Take this step. If that step leads you into addiction again you are being attacked at level twelve. This level twelve thing is pretty chronic and invasive because we all have souls that talk. And if we have been masters before we have a very big soul light and people that like to attack can see us very easily. This is every voice hearer in the world that is good. And every religious person or molester has apparitions and unconscious patterns that they send to us freely and frequently. These show up in our cult dreams, too, not just in our waking hours. The voices in our heads are real. So are visions. If you see snakes it is because someone sent them to you in a ritual. And the worst deniers that these things are real are our most persistent attackers in our soul circle throughout lifetimes of incarnations on earth. We are not allowed to speak of spiritual experiences. We are not supposed to have souls. But this is science. This is quantum physics. Everyone has a soul. Including animals and trees and houses (which are conscious because they are trees). We are the original people from the temple. We have to get the temple back. When we have the temple we will be a healed society. And there will be no more disease or ill-health.

If you are seeing that you have a bunch of attackers at level twelve and you want to know how to release them all at once try writing an identifying word or name for each one in a notebook that you can recycle or your journal that you keep. You might identify them from different times and places in your life. Then see who is at the top that they all know somehow. Which ones have been the most directly physical in your life? And what is their common ideology?

You have had some kind of interaction with all of your attackers and all of your truest loves. We travel in circles eternally. They might be famous, or they might have gone to your high school, or they might be your entire family or your entire friendship circle, or every person you have ever had an intimate relationship with.

How are you doing with your addiction and your wellness root? Our addiction has to come through the layers. And so does our wellness root. Do you see choices available to you? Are you still collective? If you are collective you are waiting on your wave to be free. Do you think that every wave is now the same exact wave? Because I do. We all have our roles to play. I am playing mine right now.

Our roles confine us to our work. Our work is our medicine. We are finding together through this book how to use our medicine the way we are designed to. Why does that still leave us in confinement? It is probably because the world rhythm is not harmonious enough to free us because Rootsong Reiki is music. And our Nell studies tell us that discordance keeps us from healing the planet.

There are good companions and bad companions. This includes plants. And people. And animals. Snakes. Alligators. Wasps. Mosquitos. Cohosh. Marijuana. Hops. Bleach. Fluoride. Mold. Nazis. Cults. Ku Klux Klan. The Rainbow Coalition. Black Bear. And our sweet, sweet loves, too. The cuties.

When the buffalo are free we will be free. We are the buffalo. The sacred herd. The tribe. The earthkeepers.

We did a lot of work on addiction. So, let’s just rest a little in the peace of the body. Your body is my body. We share an auric field. And we share it with every being on earth and the earth herself. You might be feeling the wind of your soul like I am. The wind of your soul is a cool breeze that comes into your auric field when there has been truth and healing. Or music.

I’d say we should go to music. So put on a play list, pour a libation and dance or sit comfortably in your chair. Music is the way we get free. So, next we will write about music. This book is written by the masters. And as masters we are still learning. Let’s go into our hearts and our hands and listen for a while. We earned it.