Rootsong Music Therapy

Music therapy is like blood in our veins. We need it to flow well and rhythmically. We like to dance and listen to music. We want to be a part of the artista tribe. And we have a sound system in our hearts that is so sacred and deliberate that we can barely stand to look away anymore from our music and art and dance needs. We no longer have to. Music therapy is something that I can’t describe very well to you because it is so spontaneous for me. I just follow the listening room. I put you in a sound bath. If you are called to study music, of course you can. But I recommend you study art and dance, too. We are a tribe of artists, writers, dancers and poets. We are Acoustic Roots singer/song writers. We are the barleycorn. I can’t say what the magical roots of music in our Rootsong Music Therapy sessions will do to you. Or what you will learn about the guitar with Charlie in Barleythyme. But I promise I will take you home to the sound of love and belonging. And so will he.