The Men Meet

Men love history and men love mystery and men love playing horseshoes. Men love women and men love children and men love their feet in the sand. Men love deer antlers and men love does and men love a little toe room in their boots. To have a men’s support group is to open a sacred lodge. Have your talking stick handy. And start with the day. “On this day I…” and go on from there. Ground in the present. And use your creativity. And think of your brothers in thyme. For you are the earth stewards more than anyone else in the tribe. If there is nothing to say, think of a song to sing. Think of a poem to read. Think of a time that you celebrated. But also use this lodge to take another’s concerns into your heart. And do your best to show him the way. He is your kin. And you are his guide. Guide with deliberateness, wren hawk. He is listening in the sacred way of the master of the nell.