The Moment

The moment either feels good or bad depending on safety and past or future trauma and violence. When we are safe, our energy field is balanced, whole and well. When past, present or future violence attacks us and holds us hostage our energy field collapses and we go into a physical and spiritual and emotional pattern. The way to remain well is to recognize when violence and trauma have appeared to us and moved into us. Then we take action by finding a way to make ourselves conscious and whole again. To do this we use sacred ritual. We can take our rock collection and work with it by touching the stones to our foreheads and making a prayer. We can smudge with sage. We can ask the Grandfather Tree and the Mother Earth to give us something we need. We can do a guided meditation starting with two deep breaths. We can turn on music. Light a candle. Go outside and watch the blue jays dance with their peanuts that we have given them. Rock in the rocking chair. Use our clutter box. Make a pot of tea. Fold the laundry. Take a bath. Place a hot washcloth on our forehead as we lie down. Rub our hands, feet and earlobes with Zum oil. Take three Flintstones vitamins. Take some Vitamin C. Drink a little alcohol. All of the things we can do to restore our boundary in our energy field that has just been crossed and violated consciously and intentionally and with deliberateness are ritual. And this is sacred. Trauma and violence are the profane acts of the grey patterns that sink into us and make us suffer and cause us to be unwell. This is fear, worry and anxiety. Ritual is master level reiki work. It is the key to staying balanced and whole in a life that is full of the ins and outs of what we have been all along and what has been done to us that is harmful. “Great nature has another thing to do to you and I, so lovely, take the lively air.” Theodore Roethke said this. And it means, when we are conscious of nature, nature is conscious of us. So, great hawk, take the lively air. And find nature. Because she is waiting with bated breath for trauma to abate so that the Thrive Revolution is the answering call and the solution. To everything. Thrive, little bee. The hive is an active place. Patterns exist for us. We need only to make them conscious and then figure out how best to move back into health. Move a little into God. Use tools. This is what makes us human.