The Writer’s Desk

Let’s start writing. Do you have your website set up? Set it up now if you haven’t already on WordPress.

Let’s organize our desk. Pick out your writing mug and iced tea glass. Order your teas. Get some honey. Now let’s look at our desk. How does the whole room look? Where is your place for your writing altar on or near your desk? Clean. Throw away. Use method wood cleaner. Get rid of anything you don’t need on the desk and in the whole room.

Now order succulents and a lucky bamboo plant and you need an orchid. Get your colored rocks in all colors of the rainbow. Figure out your salad plate to put your rocks on. Buy a nest on amazon. Perhaps a little statue and an angel or a metal tree or a zen stacking rocks sculpture. Get your river rocks and your vase for your bamboo. You need a pasta bowl for your succulents and succulent potting soil and rocks and some green snail shells.

We begin to write once our desk and our room are complete. Go make your hot tea. A glass of iced tea with or without half and half also works. Even a glass of wine is suitable. Put on your essential oil diffuser with the oil or oils of your choice. Light a candle.

The next step is to write your piece on your website that is all ready to go. Publish it when you are done. Then you can work on your newsletter and your programs.

If you are writing a book get out your writing journal that is just for organizing your work and a mechanical pencil. Sit in your upholstered chair with your libation.

Write the title of your book on the top of the page in your organizing journal. Then write the word introduction under it. Write the titles of the chapters and number them with the word chapter. Have an afterword or a conclusion if you want to.

Now determine your writing schedule or if you will write spontaneously when you are called. The first page you write is the title page with your name and the subtitle. You can then write a dedication page. Then write the introduction. Tell me why I want to read your book and what I will discover with you.

The next time you write, write the first chapter. And so on. Writing starts with getting the first line of the chapter. Each chapter ends with a summary and what you are going to write next. You can write one or up to two chapters in a session. Every time you sit down to write read back over the previous chapters to the place you need to. This is how you edit.

A writing session for a book lasts about three and a half to four hours. Plan how long it will take you to write based on days writing, seasons or quarters and number of chapters.

You do not need an editor because you are constantly rereading but have a team of people read your book before you release it on kindle because you might have some typos that you just can’t see. They do not have to edit your content. But they will tell you if it meets their standards.

Pick your release date and design your cover and write your about me and your book description.

Announce your release date on your website, at your club and in your newsletter. You are now a published author. Congratulations for following your sacred calling to write for the tribe.