Understanding How to Create your Business Kraft

The Writer’s Passage

As coaches, teachers, attorneys, musicians, writers and business people with a message we organize by the season for our work. The season is based on three quarters. February through April, May through July and October through January are the months we start new programming. We plan our release dates based on our favorite time of the month. We build our work sequentially.

We have platforms for our work. They are something like zoom where we share a screen and talk, something like webinar where we share content and a conference call. We have a blog on our website and a newsletter app where we can announce our upcoming programs and offerings and packages.

Our first task is to get our blog and website set up. Then we follow an algorithm to consistently deepen our work and our following over time. Once we have our website established we deliver a newsletter. We can state our upcoming offerings. We give at least two weeks notice for an upcoming video chat Q and A and overview. We charge $125 for a webinar series. After the webinar we have a conference call.

If we want to have packages of live video chat individualized services in addition to our webinar we arrange that by newsletter and can announce it on our Q and A and overview and our conference call. We charge $125 for a package and we deliver it by video chat or conference call. A package is at least three sessions.

Every quarter we release a newsletter and the first webinar series with a Q and A and overview and video chat and conference call to follow up after the webinar is delivered. When we have new material or packages we release in this same way quarterly. In this way we build our programs, our offerings and our tribe.

We are welcome to have a free Wren Club once a week to once a month to build a following. You are allowed in your club to announce your website. People that follow your website will get your newsletter with your offerings. The way to develop a tribe is word of mouth by email with our pass it alongs.

This is called a passive stream. It means you do the work really well once and then you build. This is the way you develop your world wide web presence and your tribal following. This is actually the sacred nell. For it is your garden. Plant your seeds well. Do not move along the continuum until you feel you have solid roots. Your website is first. And your club can be stunning. Have fun, grow, learn from others and be shiny. You are the indigo moon.